Rotational Axes Enable High-Speed Machining

March 1, 2003

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Rotational Axes Enable High-Speed Machining

Originally Published MPMN March 2003

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Rotational Axes Enable High-Speed Machining

The HSM 4000 from Mikron Bostomatic uses linear motion technology to achieve high speeds.

A redesign of the rotational axes on a machining center makes possible simultaneous five-axis machining in a truly high-speed mode. The HSM 400U from Mikron Bostomatic uses linear motor technology on its rotary axes to achieve speeds up to 25 times that of conventional rotary tables. Speeds up to 250 rpm are possible on the rotation axis and up to 150 rpm on the swivel axis, with a swivel range of ±110°.

A concrete polymer base provides rigidity, vibration dampening, and high thermal stability. Spindle motors are liquid cooled with hybrid ceramic ball bearings to achieve speeds of 30,000, 42,000, or 60,000 rpm.

Designed for automation, the unit is suitable for wet or dry machining and particularly for milling graphite electrodes. A standard workpiece changer is integrated, enabling around-the-clock unmanned operation.

A Heidenhain control system offers features such as 3-D graphics, high-speed functions, 3-D cutter compensation, a 1.5-Gbyte hard drive, and Ethernet interface.

Mikron Bostomatic Corp., 150 Hopping Brook Rd., Holliston, MA 01746.

Electric Servo Presses Facilitate Assembly

A Windows-based control system operates up to six axes on servo presses from Schmidt Feintechnik Corp.

Three programmable servo presses are equipped with electric motor–driven square rams. The presses have 100% in-process monitoring and statistical process control data acquisition to calculate Cpk and other critical indexes. All models are available from Schmidt Feintechnik Corp. as modular units or stand-alone work cells with capacities from 1 oz to 11,000 lb of continuous force. A Windows-based control system operates up to six CNC axes such as robots, x-y positioning systems, and five additional press stations.

Schmidt Feintechnik Corp., 280 Executive Dr., Cranberry Township, PA 16066-6415.

Machining Center Produces Molds and Dies

A high-speed CNC machining center is suitable for industrial strength high-end engraving. The M9 from Datron Dynamics Inc. comes equipped with a 60,000-rpm spindle that provides ample speed for the small engraving tools that are required in contemporary engraving applications. An automatic tool changer enables parts to be produced with the correct tools for the job. Designed for high-speed machining with intricate tools, the unit is compatible with standard carbide engraving tools.

The M9 machines brass, copper, magnesium, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. The machine is based on a cast-steel frame and has asynchronous vibration dampening. The unit comes with a Pentium-based PC operating system that uses canned cycles with an intuitive control that uses look-ahead buffers. Modular postprocessors enable seamless interfacing with 3-D engraving and mold-making software packages.

Datron Dynamics, 454 Rte. 13, Milford, NH 03055.

Press Extends Capabilities and Tooling Options for Part Production

A hydraulic press from Feintool Fineblanking Equipment features high force and speed capabilities.

A hydraulic fineblanking and forming press features high blanking force and speed, a floorspace-saving hydraulic system, and a PC-based control system to maximize uptime and production while decreasing the unit cost of complex metal parts. The HLT-1250 from Feintool Fineblanking Equipment is a triple-acting fineblanking press. In addition to a cutting force of 4000 kN, it has two 500-kN pressure pads integrated into the press table or tool-change plate to allow more forming tools for bending, drawing, countersinking, and local extrusion. The press accepts compound and progressive tools, and its long bed permits use of simple modular tooling, which is economical and easy to maintain, according to the company.

The HLT-1250 provides ram opening or closing speed of 200 mm/sec, blanking speed to 80 mm/sec, and maximum stroke rate of 60 strokes per minute. For optimal process control at higher speeds, the press provides automated adjustment of feed height, strip width, and scrap chop.

A built-in control unit incorporates a diagnostic system that continuously monitors a battery of press sensors and position feedback devices, directing the operator to the source of any potential fault. It also tracks press working hours, prompts for scheduled preventive maintenance, and warns if data inputs exceed limit values.

The hydraulic system is located above the press ram to minimize floorspace requirements and eliminate the need for a special foundation. The system uses precision servovalve actuation for smooth acceleration and deceleration, while providing a selectable low-pressure setting for coining and special forming operations.

Feintool Fineblanking Equipment, 6833 Creek Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45242.

Modified Automatic Lathes Are Now Easier to Use

A pocket door allows easy access to the work area on DECO lathes from Tornos Technologies U.S. Corp.

A series of single-spindle automatic lathes from Tornos Technologies U.S. Corp., feature a left-to-right pocket door opening that allows easy access to the work area. In addition to the main door, there is a secondary window that opens just above the control unit for convenient access to the main spindle. The extra entryway facilitates collet and guide bushing changes. The coolant tank size has been enlarged to hold an additional 20 L. A new parts grabber was also designed with fewer moving parts, requiring less positioning adjustment.

The software has been enhanced, enabling faster program generation and data transfer to the machine. More automated functions are available, such as tool collision checking and a geometry help screen.

The DECO 20a and 26a models are offered with up to 12 independent axes that allow up to four tools to cut simultaneously. The 20a provides up to 10,000-rpm spindle speeds powered by a 5.5-kW motor. The 26a offers up 8000-rpm spindle speeds with a 7.5-kW motor.

Tornos Technologies U.S. Corp., 70 Pocono Rd., Brookfield, CT 06804

Laser Tube-Cutting Systems Offer Versatility

Offered by AltaMar Laser & Control, laser systems are capable of cutting metal tubes of various sizes.

Laser cutting systems provide good functionality and reliability. Available with PRC lasers to 3000 W, the LT1200 or LT2400 laser tube-cutting systems from AltaMar Laser & Control are capable of cutting mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminum of various sizes and wall thicknesses. Round or rectangular tubes can be processed. The LT1200 accommodates raw tubes to 12 ft and the LT2400 accepts tubes to 24 ft. A tube-length measurement system allows random tube lengths to be used. Optional automatic infeed and outfeed systems enable unattended operation. The controller is PC-based with a touch screen user interface. A programming tool with standard G and M codes is provided to generate programs for profiled ends and common internal features.

AltaMar Laser & Control, 452 Northco Dr., Ste. 170, Fridley, MN 55432.

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