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Pumps and Valves 15199Pumps and Valves

November 4, 2005

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Pumps and Valves

Originally Published MPMN November 2005


Pumps and Valves


Miniature pumps

A line of space-saving, precision-flow systems includes magnetically driven external, microannular, and microcavity gear pumps, in addition to piston, peristaltic, centrifugal, and vane pumps. Designed with both electromagnetic and magnetic couplings, the pumps feature static sealing to prevent leakage and contamination. The pumps are suited for processes such as hemodialysis, laser and x-ray cooling, patient thermal regulation, patient cleaning and flushing, equipment sterilization, blood and urine analysis, lipid removal, and liquid delivery in ultrasound interfaces.
Micropump Inc., Vancouver, WA

Check valves


A company's line of check valves consists of standard, reducing or enlarging, threaded, and duckbill models, each available with Kynar, clear polycarbonate, nylon, or polypropylene body types. Capable of placement in any position, the check valves respond quickly to changes in pressure or flow. Standard and reducing or enlarging valves may be purchased in any combination of 1¼8-, 3¼16-, 3¼4-, or 3¼8-in. barbs, while threaded check valves are available in the standard sizes coupled with a 1¼8-27 NPT thread. Duckbill valves are offered in two sizes to fit applications with tubing inner diameters of 1¼8 or 3¼16 in.
Ark-Plas Products Inc., Flippin, AK

Diaphragm valve


A 3-oz diaphragm valve dispenses low- to medium-viscosity fluids and is capable of 200 cycles per minute. With a design that separates wetted parts from the operating air supply, the valve can be employed in the dispensation of cyanoacrylates, reagents, UV adhesives, and aggressive substances. The DV509 has precise control and positive shut-off features in addition to a valve adjustment control used to fine-tune microshot sizes. A stainless-steel model is available.
I&J Fisnar Inc., Fair Lawn, NJ

Diaphragm pump


Designed for applications requiring high flow in a compact package, a miniature twin-head diaphragm pump measures 3.41 X 1.16 X 2.96 in. The Model 1420 pump features the ability to channel its heads in either parallel or series configurations, resulting in a flow rate of 6 - 11 L/min when in parallel configuration and up to 5.5 L/min when in series configuration. The maximum pressure rating of the pump is 1 bar; the maximum vacuum rating is 23 in.Hg. The pump is available in 12- and 24-V dc versions and consists of ethylene-propylene rubber diaphragms and valves.
Rietschle Thomas, Thomas Products Div., Sheboygan, WI

Ventilator valves


Suitable for use in respiratory care applications, a proportional flow-control valve controls flow from
1 sccm to more than 200 L/min. This capability allows ventilator manufacturers to use one valve in a single model that can be used for neonates through adults, according to the company. The valve is offered in 11 orifice sizes ranging from 0.032 to 0.625 in. and is powered by either a dc electrical signal or a pulse-width modulated signal.
Teknocraft Inc., Melbourne, FL

Peristaltic pumps


Equipped with a variety of features that include flow rates from 0.1 µl to 350 gpm, pressure resistance up to 232 psi, and a suction lift of up to 30 ft, a series of peristaltic pumps is suitable for a range of biotech and pharmaceutical applications. A PIN-secure protection function prevents accidental damage during delicate procedures. The 620-Series components are inherent metering peristaltic pumps with reported repeatability of 99.5%.
Watson-Marlow Bredel Inc., Wilmington, MA

Displacement pump


A digital dispensing system maintains accuracy and speed despite potential changes in temperature, viscosity, or deposit size. The True Volume piston positive displacement pump can dispense volumes from 1 to 1 million cP. Equipped with a piston that moves within the dispensing chamber to deliver an exact amount of fluid through the tip, the pump dispenses materials with no delay for refill. The pump meters out specific increments of material and repeats the process at rates to 90,000 times per hour, resulting in volumetrically accurate dots, beads, fills, and underfills, according to the company.
Creative Automation Co., Sun Valley, CA

Pumps for instrumentation


A range of syringe pumps for automated instrumentation is available from a company specializing in fluid-handling products. The company claims that it manufactures the pumps based on collaboration with instrument designers, a process that entails selecting from an array of drive technologies and configurations to arrive at the most suitable product for the application. The company is ISO 13485 certified.
TriContinent Scientific Inc., Grass Valley, CA

Syringe pump


A high-pressure syringe pump is compatible with syringes ranging from 10 µl to 140 ml with flow delivery from 1 nl/min to 145.5 ml/min. Applications include fluid delivery to chemical or pressurized reactors and dispensing of viscous fluids. The KDS 410 pump features hands-free operation via a remote foot pedal or switch and can interface to a computer through a RS-232 interface.
KD Scientific, Holliston, MA

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