July 9, 2005

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My Favorite Bookmarks

Originally Published MPMN July/August 2005


My Favorite Bookmarks

The MPMN Editorial Staff


Norbert Sparrow

Norbert Sparrow, Group Editor

Oanda.com, The Currency Site (www.oanda.com), is invaluable for the frequent flier wondering how many Hungarian forints one can get for a dollar. I particularly like the CheatSheet option, which prints out exchange rates on a small sheet of paper that fits neatly in your wallet.

Seeing as how I’m not an engineer, eFunda (www.efunda.com) and How Stuff Works (www.howstuffworks.com) are two Web sites that can be helpful in understanding all the technical terminology used in the medical device industry. Efunda covers basic engineering concepts, while How Stuff Works explains everything from artificial hearts to the history of the Sith.

It can be challenging to keep track of all the acronyms used in medical manufacturing. With Acronym Finder (www.acronymfinder.com), I can locate the definitions for everything from OK to PTFE. It’s a great resource for the TLA challenged. (That stands for “three-letter acronym,” in case you were wondering.)

Susan Wallace, Editor


Susan Wallace

How Many: A Dictionary of Units of Measurement (www.unc.edu/~rowlett/units/) gives the abbreviations for almost every measurement we see in press releases. It also has conversions from metric to English customary units.

When I’m trying to be clever in an editor’s page, Creative Quotations (www.creativequotations.com) comes in handy. The site features more than 50,000 famous quotes and has special indices for sports quotes and humorous quips.

The Slot (www.theslot.com) is billed as “A spot for copy editors.” Bill Walsh, copy desk chief at the national desk of The Washington Post, writes this site on every aspect of copy editing. The Sharp Points section features some very funny rants on Walsh’s pet peeves.

Corinne Litchfield, Associate Editor


Corinne Litchfield

When I’m searching for topical, timely stories for our news sections, I visit the ScienceBlog (www.scienceblog.com/cms/index.php) Web site. This Web log (“blog”) covers news items from computers to biomedical advances. Registration to post and comment on stories is free, and once you register, you can start your own science-related blog on the site.

I love taking common sayings and twisting them into catchy headlines and titles. ClichéSite.com (www.clichesite.com) helps me find the perfect phrase when I get blocked and deadlines are looming. The site lists more than 2100 clichés, euphemisms, sayings, and figures of speech complete with definitions and explanations. Now that’s using your noodle.

Corinne Litchfield

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