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March 18, 2005

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My Favorite Bookmarks

Originally Published MPMN March 2005


My Favorite Bookmarks

Jim Brown, Medical Business Unit Manager
Colder Products Company

Jim Brown

The Engineering Toolbox ( is a refresher course for all those terms you learned in college engineering and science classes. This site provides some interesting tidbits of information, resources, and useful tools for a range of engineering and scientific fields. It is a great reference for a broad spectrum of topics, including air psychrometrics, fluid dynamics, process control, and thermodynamics, among others. The information can be easily translated into several European languages.

The International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering ( provides education, training, and technical publications for life science professionals. This multilingual site is a resource for regulatory and industry news, as well as reference materials. It also has a suppliers directory featuring relevant products. Discussion forums are available to the public for those interested in exploring industry topics. The site also provides a global events calendar.

How Stuff Works ( explains how things work, from M1 tanks to kitchen blenders to the muscles in one’s body. Included are topics such as health, science, computers, and electronics. The site is a veritable cornucopia of the functioning behind many of the things we engage in daily.

Global Spec ( is one of the most complete engineering search engines available, with links to more than 90 million Web pages. Searches can be narrowed to the most specific of details, including product specifications, patents, material properties, and standards.

Colder Products Co. (St. Paul, Minnesota; provides controlled performance connections to industrial, biopharmaceutical, medical, chemical, and packaging markets.

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