July 11, 2004

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My Favorite Bookmarks

Originally Published MPMN July 2004


My Favorite Bookmarks


Shala Overstreet

Shala Overstreet,
Design Engineer 
Calmont Wire & Cable

EngNet (www.engnetglobal.com) is where you go to find anything that has to do with engineering. It has a number of resources, such as a dictionary of technical terms, links to industry standards, and conversion 
calculators. I use it to find suppliers in the industry.

Engineeringtalk (www.engineeringtalk.com)and Manufacturingtalk (www.manufacturingtalk.com) are great places to read about the latest news and innovations from suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors. Users can browse the site by date, supplier, or product.

EEVL (www.eevl.ac.uk) stands for Enhanced and Evaluated Virtual Library. I use this site as a tool for finding mathematical formulas and AutoCAD tutorials. Users can access the top 100 links of the site's catalog. The target audience is students, staff, and researchers in the mathematical, engineering, and computing industries.

Engineering Tool Box (www.engineeringtoolbox.com) is a tool for finding basic information. The site covers pumps, control valves, electrical calculations, and material properties. Itis very useful as a refresher for basic technical concepts.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (www.ieee.org) is an excellent site with a large amount of technical information. You can even find links to detailed instructions on performing measurements and calculations. On-line forums also connect users to each other. This is a resource where I find most of my technical needs. Information about joining IEEE orattending its events is also on the site.

Calmont Wire & Cable (Santa Ana, CA; www.calmont.com) is a manufacturer of wire and cable for medical and other precision applications requiring a custom design. The company specializes in wire and cable that is ultraflexible and miniature. A two-week rapid prototyping service is offered.


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