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My Favorite Bookmarks 14815My Favorite Bookmarks

September 5, 2003

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My Favorite Bookmarks

Originally Published MPMNSeptember 2003


My Favorite Bookmarks


Tom Kupizewski

Tom Kupizewski, Analysis Manager
Single Iteration

Assist Online (www.dodssp.daps.mil/assist.htm)  provides guidance for engineers who are working on commercial and industrial applications. It's useful when you're trying to define comprehensive specifications for anything from a liability test program to an EMI gasket. The Data Item Descriptions section can provide guidance on the content and formatting of reports, procedures, and plans for folks at companies with little or no formal internal documentation or publication infrastructure.

Cactus 2000 (www.cactus2000.virtualvalve.net/uk/services/mass.htm)is a great place to go for conversion factors, from the most common to the most obscure. The site offers a number of different converters for actual units, from classical problems like temperature or length to special cases like air pollutants.

Thomas Register (www.thomasregister.com) is a site I like because it means no more thumbing through oversized green books to find suppliers. It's a one-stop resource for suppliers of all things, and it's now on-line. This is my first stop for any specialized materials or components for which I have no sourcing history.

Efunda (www.efunda.com) is a nice stop for settling a disagreement. Almost all general engineering (and some very specific) calculations can be found here. I especially like the way the site is organized. I can find what I am looking for quickly and easily.

Purdue University's Institute for Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies(www.engineering.purdue.edu/iies/cindas) site is the most comprehensive on-line resource of materials properties of which I am aware. The properties of all types of metals, plastics, and purely organic substances can be found there. If you ever need to know the material properties of something beyond the norm, check this site before paying a lab to investigate.

Single Iteration (St. Louis; www.singleiteration.com) uses advanced computation tools and a disciplined project-based approach to solve difficult thermal problems and help companies get products to market quickly. Single Iteration is a division of Watlow, which designs and manufactures thermal products, including industrial heaters, sensors, and controllers.

 Laura Angela Bagnetto

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