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June 1, 2003

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My Favorite Bookmarks

Originally Published MPMN June 2003


My Favorite Bookmarks

Martin O'Malley,
Vice President of Engineering
IPD Industries Inc.

CommLinx Solutions Proprietary Ltd. (www.commlinx.com.au) is a good cookbook resource for schematics on electronics subsystem circuitry. The company's main business is in communications and GPS devices, but its site contains detailed diagrams for well over 1000 different circuit building blocks ranging from alarms, power amplifiers and supplies, preamp circuits, data-acquisition devices, filters, microcontrollers, and much more.

Engineering Central (www.engcen.com) is primarily an employment resource for engineers, but what I come here for is software information. Click on the software tab, and you will find brief descriptions and company links for engineering software from every discipline. The page may not necessarily be the definitive source on these types of programs, but it serves as a good overview of what's out there.

National Semiconductor Corp. (www.national.com) contains user-friendly simulation programs on power, wireless, and microcontroller functionality that can come in handy when designing a new device. Just input the information on the components you want to use in the Webench section, and it will tell you how the device will function. You can even run the simulations backwards by entering the desired performance and allowing the program to determine the required component characteristics.

Arrow Electronics Inc. (www.arrow.com) is one of the largest distributors of electronic components in the world. The firm's Web page looks simple at first, but its supplier list is extremely detailed and well organized. This company supplies most of our electronics, and its site allows us to seamlessly integrate the product information into our development cycle.

IPD Industries Inc. (Pittsburgh) performs contract engineering and manufacturing of proprietary electronics for emerging medical fields. The company's product line includes sleep-apnea monitors, electrocardiograph devices, and electronic stethoscopes.

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