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October 1, 2002

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My Favorite Bookmarks

Originally Published MPMN October 2002


My Favorite Bookmarks

Nate Davies
Account Manager
JL White Technical Sales Inc.

Zachary Turke

Nate Davies

Biotech Resources Web Project ( is a great site for biology and chemistry information. Designed for everyone from high school students to professional researchers, the page hosts a comprehensive biotechnology dictionary that comes in handy for looking up unfamiliar terms. There's even an acronym database where you can enter initials that are constantly cropping up in medical literature and the page will tell you what they stand for.

Environmental Chemistry ( contains more information than you'll ever need, but what I come here for most is an on-line version of the periodic table. The site's table is set up just like its paper equivalent, but clicking on any element takes you to a page of detailed substance-specific information. Among other items, this information includes electron diagrams, atomic structure notes, descriptions of chemical and physical properties, regulatory and health concerns, and even a brief history. ( is a site that helps to make sense of the vast number of engineering polymers available today. I have to work with a variety of these materials as part of my job, and this page gives me figures on hardness, elongation, radiation, chemical resistance, and other factors. The registration process is a bit on the long side, but once you've completed it, you can search the site's database by polymer name or property.

Nate Davies Plastics Database ( is my own plastics resource. Originally, it was just for my personal use, but I got so many customer requests for information on different kinds of plastics that I decided to publish it on the Web. I've been updating it for the last four years with relevant data, and I think it serves as a good starting place for people wondering what materials are out there.

JL White Technical Sales Inc., a div. of Scivex (Santa Clara, CA; www.jlwhite. com), is a manufacturers' representative specializing in advanced materials, electromechanical products, and machined and molded components. The company provides technical sales, customer support, and engineering services.

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