April 14, 2002

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My Favorite Bookmarks

Originally Published MPMN April 2002


My Favorite Bookmarks

How-Lun Chen,
Assistant Design Engineer
Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc.

Zachary Turke

0204p12a.jpgMatWeb (www.matweb.com) is a helpful page that contains information on more than 26,000 plastics, metals, ceramics, fibers, and other engineering materials. Each listing details basic material properties, including elastic modulus and tensile and yield strength, that are useful when performing finite-element analysis and mold-flow simulations. The best aspect of the site, though, is its powerful search engine that allows browsing by trade name, manufacturer, material type, or even by desired material composition or properties.

The CancerWeb On-Line Medical Dictionary (http://cancerweb.ncl.ac.uk/omd/) is a free resource that offers help with the often-confusing vocabulary of cell biology, biochemistry, and other medical sciences. I have to write many reports as part of my job, and I find this site useful for finding correct spellings and explaining unfamiliar terms. The page contains 46,000 listings that are cross-referenced with each other through hyperlinks to ease understanding. There is even a section that explains how to use the dictionary as your word processor's spell-checking resource.

Laparoscopy.com (www.laparoscopy.com) is a Web site that specializes in information related to laparoscopic surgical procedures. My company produces many of the minimally invasive devices used in these operations, and this is an interesting resource for learning about the manner and conditions in which the tools will actually be used. With movies and pictures of real procedures, this site has given me a better understanding of surgeons' needs, information I can apply when designing new products.

MicroPatent (www.micropatent.com) is an intellectual property resource that I find helpful when searching for patent information. The site has a powerful search engine that uses proprietary software to provide fast and comprehensive searches. Offered in pdf format, the patent listings are available in both complete and abstract forms, and come complete with diagrams when applicable. Regular data updates ensure that the information on the site is accurate and timely.

Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc. (Cincinnati; www.ethicon.com) produces single-patient-use and other instruments for minimally invasive and traditional surgical procedures. Servicing the urology, breast care, and pain management markets, the company works with surgeons to develop procedure-enabling products.

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