Motors and Motion Control


April 14, 2010

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Motors and Motion Control

Piezo micromotor


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Suitable for use in medical devices, a piezo micromotor and driver chip deliver performance comparable to larger motion control systems while consuming 40% less power, according to the manufacturer. Measuring 2.8 × 2.8 × 6 mm, the Squiggle RV reduced-voltage linear drive system consists of an SQL-RV-1.8-6-12 motor and an application-specific integrated circuit NSD-2101 driver that is smaller than the motor and driven directly from a 2.3- to 5.5-V dc battery without the need for a voltage boost. The driver accepts direct power and uses patented full-bridge switching technology to create the ultrasonic motor-drive frequency. The chip also incorporates patent-pending smart-drive features that optimize motor performance while minimizing power consumption over a range of operating and environmental conditions. The motor achieves forces in excess of 50 g and resolution to 0.5 µm. It can run at speeds greater than 7 mm/sec with power consumption of less than 350 mW under typical loading conditions, which corresponds to a direct current of 120 mA for a typical 3-V dc battery.
New Scale Technologies
Victor, NY

Outer-rotor integrated-drive brushless dc motors


Measuring 32 mm in diameter and 42 mm in length, outer-rotor integrated-drive brushless dc motors are rated at 16 W continuous, making them some of the highest-torque-density motors in their size range, according to the supplier. The
KineteX 32 EB motors are equipped with a bearing system
that can handle high side loads and meet a continuous output torque rating of 32 moNm at 4750 rpm. Suitable for use in small membrane and peristaltic pumps, laser scanners, and small fans and blowers, the motors have a minimum operating life of 20,000 hours. As with any dc motor, the two-wire version enables speed control by simply varying applied voltage. The four-wire version is controlled via an input speed signal, whereby speed monitoring is achieved using the
output pulse-tachometer signal. Models with 12- or 24-V dc windings are offered.
Precision Motor Technology (Premotec) BV
Dordrecht, Netherlands

Single-axis motion controller for linear servo amplifiers


A single-axis motion controller module for a series of linear servo amplifiers is a DSP-based plug-in card that can be configured in a variety of modes, including position and torque mode. Suitable for the company's LA-series linear amplifiers, the VMC-3000-series controller also includes a frequency-locked velocity mode for systems requiring ultralow jitter performance. The linear amplifiers feature low EMI and zero-crossover distortion, making them suitable for use in high-resolution positioning systems and applications requiring noise-free servo amplifier operation. Employed in such applications as medical centrifuges, the controller accepts quadrature feedback from a motor-mounted encoder and provides sinusoidal commutation of the linear servo amplifier stage. It can also accept industry-standard ±10-V dc input for simple torque control, or it can be configured as a complete single-axis positioning or velocity-control system. A built-in operating system allows users to program motion parameters over a high-speed serial interface.
Varedan Technologies
Torrance, CA

Brushless dc motor for cast-cutting applications


A brushless dc motor that delivers consistently high torques reduces the trauma suffered by pediatric patients that undergo cast removal, according to the supplier. The high torques achieved by this lightweight, battery-driven motor can drive the cutting heads of cast-removal tools through several layers of material. Featuring a customized housing and shaft, the Size 23 P/N DIH23-30-BFNA standard high-torque-density brushless dc motor delivers continuous power at levels approaching 1 hp continuous at speeds up to 20,000 rpm. The motor's compact size of 2.3 in. OD × 3.0 in. long and its operating efficiencies in excess of 85% result in a motor that can drive the cast cutter's blades, yet it is small enough to ensure cool running performance.
BEI Kimco Magnetics
Vista, CA

PCB-embedded plug-in-module servo drives


PCB-embedded plug-in-module servo drives do not have wires to connect, resulting in easy installation. The Z-drive series enables designers to place motor control as close as possible to the system control, according to the manufacturer. Lightweight and energy efficient, the compact drives can be used in a range of medical products, including precision pumps, and can perform such tasks as haptic manipulation of remote surgical robotic arms. They deliver up to 20 A continuously at 10 to 80 V dc. Versions of the drive are also available for use in ambient temperature conditions ranging from -40° to 85°C.
Advanced Motion Controls
Camarillo, CA

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