September 2, 2004

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HOTLINE: Inverter Lights up System Display

OriginallyPublished MPMN September 2004


Inverter Lights up System Display 

The unit is a compact, cost-effective power source

Rita Emmanouilidou


The DMA-series inverter from Endicott Research Group is a compact, high-efficiency power source for two-tube LCDs.

An inverter is designed to power LCDs backlit by two cold cathode fluorescent lamps or tubes that are used in low-temperature environments and require high starting voltages.

Measuring 4.28 in. in length, 0.880 in. wide, and 0.50 in high, the DMA series from Endicott Research Group (Endicott, NY) offers up to 12 W of output power, two outputs, and integrated input and output connectors. The unit also features external control and pulse with modulation dimming. It can be supplied with a fully compatible locking or nonlocking input wire harness featuring #24 AWG wire.

The DMA series is the main power source that lights up a sharp display used in a hemodialysis delivery system. The display enables a clinical technician to visually access data pertaining to the patient treatment. The 2008K system from Fresenius Medical Care (Lexington, MA) is the latest evolution of the company's dialyzer. It features a newLCD touch screen that "makes it more user-friendly, while at the same time optimizing the latest computerized electromechanical products available," says spokeswoman LuisaRavalico.

"In the older screen version, features were selected by using the cursor; the new touch screen allows the user to physically touch it and move it into the required fields, thus making it faster and easier to work with." The touch screen also simplifies the troubleshooting and calibration procedure by offering step-by-step directions as well as a real-time-status screen. 

"We originally purchased the DMA-series inverter as a standard component, but eventually, based on ERG's and Fresenius's knowledge and expertise, it evolved into a customized product for our equipment," saysRavalico.

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