November 1, 2003

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Fingerprint Sensors Enhance Accuracy in User-Authentication Applications

Originally Published MPMNNovember 2003


Fingerprint Sensors Enhance Accuracy in User-Authentication Applications

The units help to ensure compliancewith HIPAA regulations

Technology-based fingerprint sensors provide a convenient, reliable, and secure way for medical personnel to comply with the Health Industry Portabilityand Accountability Act (HIPAA). They can replace PINs, passwords, physical access cards, and keys. The sensors ensure that only authorized personnel have access to medical records and electronicmedical equipment...


High-Density Convertor Offeredin Small Package

The product supplies more than twice thepower output of full-size convertors

Suitable for space-sensitive OEM designs,a high-density dc/dc convertor delivers 500 W from a single low-voltage output. The APC500, offeredby Advanced Power Conversion (Hampshire, UK), integrates the power transformer and the input and outputinductors on the 
same ferrite core. 


Diamond Lathe SmoothesMold Tools

The machine speeds up repairs and polishing

An ultraprecision machine system is suitable for situations in which a nanometer surface finish or submicron form accuracies are required. The Nanotech 220UPL two-axis CNC single-point diamond turning lathe from Moore Nanotechnology Systems (Keene, NH) can be used to make many medical devices. Some applications include in vivo... 

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