May 7, 2004

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Fillers and Dispensers

Originally Published MPMNMay 2004


Fillers and Dispensers

Liquid shot meters

mpmn0405p28a.jpgThree models of automatic liquid dispensers are available for consistent deposits of assembly fluids. Each model features an adjustable vacuum pull-back system and analog gauge to prevent dripping between cycles of low-viscosity liquids. Air output pressures of up to 100 psi provide controlled application of materials, which can include thick greases and pastes. The KDS808 model offers accuracy when depositing dots, lines, or other patterns. The KDS834A provides reproducibility with a four-position push-button timer, enabling the operator to switch the unit for manually controlled or timed air-pulsed deposits. The KDS824A adds an extra air outlet to connect either an external reservoir tank or an optional finger-actuated vacuum pickup wand for pick-and-place applications. All of the models operate at 110 V ac, require 80 to 100 psi of shop air, and come with foot pedals. 
HMC Electronics, Canton, MA 

Benchtop dispensing system

mpmn0405p28b.jpgAn automated dispensing system applies watery to high-viscosity materials such as adhesives, solder pastes, sealants, and lubricants. The Champion 3700 features a servo-driven motion system using pumps and valves, including the company's True Volume positive-displacement piston pump. An 18 ¥ 18-in. work area accommodates large parts or pallets, and a precision rail or tooling ensures precise positioning. The system offers a three-axis brushless servomotor drive, precision leadscrew drive on all axes, and a small footprint. 
Creative Automation Co., Sun Valley, CA   

Microtube-filling systemmpmn0405p28c.jpg

An automated filler system handles a variety of containers, stoppers, plugs, and caps designed for industries working with small, single-dose microtube applications. The Filamatic Model MNB 2000 modular compact Monobloc system is available with a variety of liquid-metering options for a range of product viscosities. Single-index models achieve production rates of up to 60 containers per minute, and double-index machines handle up to 120 units per minute. Fill-volume capability ranges from 0.1 to 500 ml at filling accuracies to ±0.5%. Digitally controlled menu-driven programs electronically adjust the operating parameters for toolless changeovers. Quality assurance options include weight checking for empty or underfilled containers, and vision systems for monitoring proper installation or applications. 
National Instrument Company, Inc., Baltimore, MD    

Solvent dispenser
A solvent dispenser is equipped with a conveyor system to remove solvent vapors from the working area. The DS2/ls also features a level sensor to indicate solvent quantity in the dispenser reservoir using an LED signaling system. When illuminated, the green LED indicates there is an adequate amount of liquid in the dispenser.When the solvent drops below a preset level, the red LED turns on. The equipment applies solvent on the internal or external surface of tubing, conical surfaces, soft and rigid drip chambers, needles, and various types of connectors and components. The machine works with medical polymers such as PVC, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, polypropylene, and polycarbonate.
TechnoMed Inc., Wallace, NC              

Positive-displacement dispensing equipment

mpmn0405p28e.jpgBenchtop fluid dispensers use positive-displacement technology to apply accurate, consistent amounts of two-part epoxies and other assembly fluids. The Ultra 2800 units reduce rework and rejects and minimize waste. The dispensers do not require readjusting the settings to compensate for changes in the fluid's viscosity. Two models are available, both fully compatible with the company's precision syringe barrels, pistons, and dispense tips. The 2800-10 model uses 10-cm3 syringe barrels, while the 2800-30 model uses 30-cm3 barrels. Each model can store settings for up to 100 different dispensing applications. The products are mechanical, electrically operated system and do not require the use of compressed air. 
EFD Inc., East Providence, RI  

High-speed fluid delivery

mpmn0405p28f.jpgSuitable for use with stacked die and densely packed boards, a precise, high-speed delivery system handles fluids including surface-mount adhesives, encapsulants, conformal coatings, UV adhesives, and silver epoxy. The DispenseJet DJ-9000 works in tight spaces as small as 200 µm and creates fillet wet-out widths as small as 300 µm on the dispensed side of the die. Ejecting fluids in a 100-µm-diam stream, the system can deliver either discrete dots or a succession of dots to form lines. Dot diameters as small as 0.33 mm or shot volumes as small as 3.6 nl are possible. The equipment handles flow rates of more than 120 mg/sec for underfill materials and a shot rate of up to 200 dots per second. 
Asymtek, Carlsbad, CA 

mpmn0405p28g.jpgPrecision liquid dosing

A filling and dispensing system handles free-flowing to low-viscosity liquids in volumes from 0.5 ml to 5 L. The Gen3 Pro/Fill 1000 is available with optional Coriolis net mass-flow meters, enabling the filler to be operated in either net weight or volumetric model. Standard configurations include a semiautomatic benchtop system and a fully automatic high-speed filling model. Other configurations include custom fillers for form-fill-seal machines, custom-designed systems for specialized applications, and explosion-proof construction to Class 1, Division 1, Group D standards. 
Oden Corp., Tonawanda, NY 

mpmn0405p28h.jpgRobotic dispensing system

The heart of a fully automated dispensing system is a three-axis tabletop robot capable of drawing complex patterns and coordinated motion. Suitable for low- to high-viscosity media, the system uses a precision dispensing valve and controller and is equipped with either a cartridge-type media holder or a pressure pot for larger volumes. The machine can be used for dispensing adhesive, UV- or air-cure silicones, and sealant material. It comes as either a stand-alone or tabletop unit with full-system guarding, custom fixturing, and a sensor to ensure correct part placement before dispensing.
Altair Industries Inc., Ft. Collins, CO 

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