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July 17, 2004

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Originally Published MPMN July 2004



Manufacturer Customizes Tubing for Customersmpmn0407p38a.jpg

A manufacturer of disposable tubing and molded fittings offers extruded corrugated and collapsible plastic tubing, injection-molded fittings, and contract manufacturing and assembly for respiratory, anesthesia, and additional medical applications. In collaboration with customers, the company establishes tool requirements, selects materials, specifies durability and weight, and offers low- and high-volume manufacturing. Product samples and descriptions are available on the Web site.GlobalMed Inc., Trenton, ON, Canada www.globalmedinc.com 

Services Added to Fluoropolymer Extrusion Technology
Leveraging its core fluoropolymer extrusion technology, a tubing manufacturer expanded its value-added services and operations. Among the additions are special fillers, drilling, etching, flaring, flanging, retractable coiling, shrinking over mandrels, light product assembly, scoring, and slitting. Thermoforming, skiving, tipping, tube bonding, heat sealing, cuffing, and product analysis are also available. The company has delivered engineered tubing solutions such as fluoropolymer heat shrink for electrical and mechanical applications, high-purity tubing for critical fluid handling, and multilumen tubing for catheters and high-performance data cables.Zeus Industrial Products, Orangeburg, SC www.zeusinc.com 

Products Extruded from Most Engineering Plastics
A company specializes in custom extrusions for medical devices with experience in design and engineering. In conjunction with customers, the company produces a variety of precision extrusions from most engineering thermoplastics, polyurethane, and nylon. The finished products are delivered to specification, deadline, and meeting ISO 9001:2000-quality standards.Microspec Corp., Jaffrey, NH www.microspecorporation.com 

Tubing Manufacturer Expands Production Plant
The expansion of a manufacturing plant added a Class 100,000 cleanroom to house medical tubing extrusion lines. This enables the Pexco medical products division to better serve the West Coast and Southwestern medical OEMs with a range of medical tubing products. Currently, the Pexco line is produced at two plants in Massachusetts and include single- and multilumen tubing, coextruded tubing, and a PVC alternative, Pex-PF tubing. Products are manufactured from a variety of FDA Class VI plastic materials, including PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, and latex-free alternatives.Bunzl Extrusion, Athol, MA www.bunzlathol.com 

Silicone and Multilumen Tubing Are Custom Made
Manufactured in a cleanroom environment, custom silicone extrusions are customized for use in peristaltic pump systems, surgical drains, catheter systems, vessel marker loops, and intravenous drug delivery. Tubing is produced with diameter ranges from 0.010 to 1 in. with tolerances as tight as ±0.0005 in. Multilumen tubing is produced using the company's custom-built extrusion head. Custom color matching and barium mixes are also available. Silicone profiles can be produced, and silicone tape as thin as 0.005 in. is offered. 
Medical Elastomer Development Inc., Twinsburg, OH www.medeladev.com 

Extrusion Process Eliminates Breaking Point in Catheters
A tubing supplier introduces its total intermittent extrusion (TIE) process, enabling the continuous extrusion of rigid-to-soft catheters without bonding. Engineers can design catheters with a smooth transition point of polymers with hardness levels ranging from 75 D to 80 A. According to the company, TIE reduces breakage at the rigid-to-soft point when compared with standard bonding technology. Suitable for use in applications that require a stiff shaft and flexible tip, the tubing is used in urology, radiology, neurology, and cardiology applications. TIE tubing is also available in multilumen form, composed of thermoplastic medical polymers. The level of radiopacifier can be customized to illuminate specific sections of tubing.Putnam Plastics Corp., Dayville, CT www.putnamplastics.com 

Contract Fabricator Changes Durometers with Silicone Extrusion
A contract fabricator of custom components offers the capability to change the composition of a durometer with single unitary silicone extrusion. The company recognizes the need for hybrid extrudables with unitary construction to function in versatile, custom configurations. For example, the inserted tip of one peripherally inserted central catheter is soft and flexible, while the proximal end is robust and kink resistant. In another application, unitary catheters can feature radiopaque markers to determine distance. The company also offers calendaring, dip coating, and molding.Specialty Silicone Fabricators Inc., Paso Robles, CA www.ssfab.com 

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