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Wireless data collected directly from patients during normal physical activities could enable the development of better knee implants

November 6, 2007

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Originally Published MPMN November 2007



I/O interconnects

Using a ribbon-style contact interface for reliable repetitive plug-and-unplug applications, a series of I/O interconnects are capable of carrying either a signal or power. This feature allows designers flexibility in placing power supplies for peripheral devices. The Shielded Contact Ribbon (SCR) interconnect line consists of an assortment of 10-pin shielded I/O connectors and accessories. Connectors are available in male and female wire-mount versions and board-mount designs as right-angle through-hole or vertical surface-mount male plugs. They are shielded to resist electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference.
3M, Austin, TX

Imaging equipment connector

The MEG-Array connector is a small, high-speed component for medical diagnostics. The high-density mezzanine system is suited for medical digital imaging equipment. It can connect a photo diode to a scanner and produces a high number of slices, resulting in accurate imaging. Used for high-resolution imaging in portable and stationary hospital systems, the connector processes data at a rate of up to 10 Gbyte/sec. A range of sizes are available.
FCI, Manchester, NH

Interchangeable power supply adapters

A series of power supplies have an ac input range of 50–60 Hz. Encased in small housings and designed to operate with high efficiency, the Friwo GPP10 10-W medical power supply series includes a range of interchangeable primary adapters. Low standby power, green LED indicators, and a feature designed to prevent the supply from short-circuiting are also included. Constant voltage is maintained with a limited current.
Vale Distribution Co., Vincetown, NJ

Multiple-output power supplies

Open-frame, 100-W ac-dc power supplies feature multiple outputs. The ECM100 series of power supplies offers dual-, triple-, and quadruple-output variants. Measuring 4.5 × 2.5 × 1.2 in., the products provide a power density of 7.4 W/in. The products’ design entails two independent convertors that provide fully regulated auxiliary outputs. Outputs V1 and V2 are regulated by the control loop while V3 and V4 are postregulated. Using an internal jumper, V3 can be designated for either positive or negative output. The power supplies are designed for applications in which space and airflow are limited and where low leakage current is necessary.
XP Power, Littleton, MA

Ball-grid array interposer

A ball-grid array (BGA) interposer converts a lead-free integrated-circuit (IC) package into a device–adapter board assembly with tin-and-lead-solder ball terminals. IC packages require high processing temperatures that other board-level components may not be able to withstand. BGA interposers for RoHS-exempt applications are designed to alleviate transition, obsolescence, and solderability concerns associated with the high temperatures required. The lead-free BGA device is attached to an interposer adapter board, and solder balls are mounted on the bottom of the interposer.
Advanced Interconnections Corp., West Warwick, RI

MEMS flow sensors

A series of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) measure flow speed from 1 mm/sec to 40 m/sec. The D6F series of MEMS flow sensors use an element called a thermopile to convert thermal energy into electrical energy. Using this element reduces the time required to measure resistance compared with traditional flow sensors that employ a resistance-measurement method that requires adjustment of the resistance balance in the sensor. The sensor series is designed to provide accurate measurements with high sensitivity while maintaining low power consumption. The series is suited for oxygen concentrators, inhaled anesthetics, heliox, and continuous positive airway pressure applications.
Omron Electronic Components LLC, Schaumburg, IL

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