New Database for Medical Device Materials Launched

April 11, 2007

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New Database for Medical Device Materials Launched

Originally Published MPMN April 2007


New Database for Medical Device Materials Launched

Daniel Grace

A comprehensive database has been developed specifically to support medical device design. The Materials for Medical Devices Database: Cardiovascular Module (MMD Database) is the result of collaboration between ASM International (Materials Park, OH; and Granta Material Intelligence (Cambridge, UK; It allows researchers and designers of medical devices to quickly screen, analyze, select, and source materials and coatings for device applications and associated compatible drugs.

Identifying materials that satisfy mechanical design requirements and regulatory standards can be costly and time-consuming. The MMD Database can reduce time spent on research and development tasks by providing users with access to information on more than 500 specific grades of materials and coatings already approved for use with cardiovascular devices. The information is the product of thousands of hours of data acquisition, peer review, and verification by specialists.

“The real benefits for device manufacturers come from rapid access to authoritative sources of engineering data, biological response knowledge, information about specific cardiovascular devices, and FDA approvals information, in a single integrated and cross-linked source,” says David Cebon, managing director for Granta Design. “Using the MMD Database, all relevant information can be found in seconds. With conventional tools and sources, this process could take days or even weeks.”

The MMD Database search engine allows users to search for the specific name of a material to find information about it or, conversely, to enter parameters for a need in order to find a compatible material. In addition, users can take advantage of the MMD Database reporting capability to take a subset of viable candidate materials and conduct in-depth, comparative assessments.

The scientists and medical device researchers behind the MMD Database have ventured to create an authoritative resource. To that end, the presentation of material reviews contains thousands of citations to published literature, FDA device approvals information, manufacturers’ datasheets, and Web sites. Material reviews include a list of approved devices that already use the material in question. ASM International also plans to regularly update the MMD Database to reflect the latest developments in this rapidly changing field.

Don Lensner, an ASM International representative, says the MMD Database can benefit both small and large companies. “For smaller companies, it can mean gaining equal footing with larger companies that have greater capabilities as far as research and development. For larger companies, it can mean getting to market faster.”

Researchers and developers can contact Lensner ([email protected]) to arrange a preview or a site trial. The MMD Database may be licensed for Web access or for in-house server installation.

A new module covering orthopedic applications will be released later this year.

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