Medtech Materials: Ideas for Selection, Design, Processing, and Addressing Challenges

Medtech material experts will share their ideas on molding and extrusion, silicone selection and fabrication, titanium metal injection molding, and more in MD+DI’s new webinar series.

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September 8, 2020

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Medtech Materials Webinars
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Materials selection for medical devices has always been a complex endeavor given safety and performance requirements. There may also be new demands such as enhanced performance, biocompatibility, microbial reduction, or other features. Design engineers also need to consider budgets and deadlines, which could impact development time.

To help medical device innovators select the right material and process for their next project, MD+DI will host a series of webinars beginning on September 22:


For instance, Mark Mielke, PhD, vice president of sales and marketing, Praxis Technology, will examine in the first webinar how titanium metal injection molding (TiMIM) could reduce the cost of titanium implantable products and might even improve performance. According to the company, TiMIM creates cost savings of more than 40% compared with CNC machining and provides very dynamic response to volume requirements.

Next, in the webinar, Solving Complex Device Design Challenges through Partnership, Justin Strike and Dan Sanchez, product managers with Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical, will share how experts in molding and extrusion could help R&D engineers optimize device design and eliminate challenges before they happen. They will share how an FEA analysis can be used to model performance prior to tooling investments and how Design for Manufacturing methodology can bring a device from prototype to serial production. They will also examine advancements in extrusion methods that could simplify device designs.

And in Designing with Silicones: The Solution to Your Medical Device Challenges, Alex Santayana, applications engineer for NuSil, will explore silicone’s capabilities as well as fabrication methods. He will also discuss the future of silicones and medical devices.

Join MD+DI September 22, 23, and 24 to hear these presentations and pose questions about your own challenges.

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