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Web Site Gives Manufacturers Access to Electronics Analysis Data

June 11, 2002

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Web Site Gives Manufacturers Access to Electronics Analysis Data

Originally Published MPMN June 2002


Web Site Gives Manufacturers Access to Electronics Analysis Data

Zachary Turke



A Web site hosted by Raytheon Systems Co. (Lexington, MA) allows OEMs to access the results of electronic component analyses at any time. Located at www.reliabilityanalysislab.com, the ReAct Online page uses secure extranet connections to integrate a public customer-friendly site with the company's internal laboratory information management system. "The challenge for our customers is the speed of problem resolution," says laboratory manager Nicki Girouard. "After a defect arises, manufacturers don't want to wait a long time for the information that will allow them to get production started again. With our site, the results of all tests are posted as soon they become available so OEMs can make changes to the production environment earlier," she says.

Tests results are accessed using a secure user name and password that are provided upon part submission. Once logged in, a user can view and download evaluation data, interim and final analysis reports, and project status and funding levels. When applicable, images captured by electron microscopes, chemical analysis systems, and other equipment are also provided. "The site gives our customers a direct hookup with our engineers so that they can collaborate on detailed interpretations, cause-and-effect analyses, and design and manufacturing brainstorming sessions," says Girouard.

According to Girouard, the ReAct Online site is suited for "any manufacturer dealing with component chip technology." Medical devices that Raytheon has previously evaluated include pacemakers, defibrillators, infusion pumps, and dosage alarms. The company's testing capabilities span failure analysis, surface evaluation, electron microscopy testing, chip slicing, and process improvement and design consultation.

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