Focus on Molding Equipment

October 10, 2008

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Focus on Molding Equipment

Originally Published MPMN October 2008

Hot-Runner System Suited for Micromolding

Designed for small-parts molding, a hot-runner system features as little as 17 mm between nozzle centers, making it suitable for medical micromolding applications. The Stellar system consists of a fully balanced eight-drop multiple-nozzle assembly, seven different nozzle drop lengths, four interchangeable tip options, and a choice of manifold styles. Externally heated, the unit can handle a range of medical resins. Using a front-loaded design for the nozzle tips, the system allows for quick operator access to the mold and press, maximizing uptime. The nozzle bodies are interchangeable and can be attached to a manifold by either threaded or compression connections. Reliability and system longevity are ensured by the incorporation of minitubular nozzle heaters.
D-M-E Co., Madison Heights, MI

Edge-Gate Nozzles Combine Advantages of Single- and Multitip Nozzles

Representing a German machine maker, a supplier of injection molding equipment offers hot-runner systems that feature edge-gate nozzles. Star-Line edge-gate nozzles combine the advantages of single- and multitip nozzles, providing flexibility through variable tip-insert lengths. To ensure that a clean gate break is produced, the cavity insert tip extends all the way to the part surface. This function also ensures that there is no cold slug. An alternative to subrunners, edge-gate nozzles are suited for open-top parts for which the gate needs to be on the side. A maximum of eight gates are available on nozzles with up to 2-in. gate bolt circles. Minimal cavity spacing of 9 mm can be achieved on the hot-runner systems using a mechanical actuation bar that is driven either by an electric motor or a hydraulic cylinder.
Technoject Machinery Corp., Bolton, ON, Canada

Rotary Index Table Drive Enables High Throughput

Rotary insert molding machines are designed for producing small insert-molded parts. The TTM-BCCL Models 1, 2, and 3 provide closed-loop control for shot-to-shot repeatability. Each model features an electric-driven rotary indexer table drive that can turn the table 90° in one second to maximize finished-part throughput. Table speed is adjustable and the machines include a light curtain on three sides for operator safety. If running two molds with a 10-second mold/hold duration, an operator could conceivably use the machine to perform 300 shots per hour, according to the supplier. Capable of storing up to 10 complete molding recipes, the machines come with a removable cassette for storing an additional seven recipes.
Illinois Precision Corp., Bicknell, IN

Molding Machines Feature Clamping Force Correcting System

A series of electric injection molding machines features direct-drive servomotors with closed-loop control and digital sensors. Functions such as plasticizing, injecting, clamping, and ejecting are controlled by these motors. Each machine from the SE-DU series features four beltless motors that provide repeatability, durability, and efficiency. Repeatability is a key feature of certain models, such as SE75DU, which is designed for liquid silicone rubber injection molding applications. The series' motor technology is lighter and more compact than previous series and operates as a low-inertia system that draws power only as needed. This feature makes it easier to stop and start the machines quickly while enhancing speed and precision. Unlike previous generations of machines, this series features a clamping force correcting system that ensures constant control of clamp force. Synchroplast and multitoggle clamp-force control features have also been added.
Sumitomo Plastics Machinery, Norcross, GA

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