Aliens, Bigfoot, and Nostradamus Contribute to Manufacturer’s Web Site

March 16, 2004

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Aliens, Bigfoot, and Nostradamus Contribute to Manufacturer’s Web Site

Originally Published MPMNMarch 2004


Aliens, Bigfoot, and Nostradamus Contribute to Manufacturer's Web Site


Aliens in a hot dog-shaped spaceship, Bigfoot's phone skills, and a famed seer's prophecy all make for far-fetched stories on Carrio Cabling's (Colorado Springs, CO) Web site. The cable assembly manufacturer's main Web page offers a link to a no-nonsense, standard site, or a second page with a little humor. Facts are scattered among the fiction, citing customer service contacts, testimonials, case studies, and capabilities. 

"We looked at the company's previous site and at others [in the industry], and after a while, you can't distinguish one site from another," says general manager Mike Wiater. "We began throwing around ideas and using our imagination, and decided to do something way out that people will remember us by. But maybe not everyone would appreciate it, so there's a parallel site. The information is the same either way; it's just a different way of getting to it." 

An artist who designed pictures for Carrio Cabling's office walls also contributed to the Web site. As a result, molded cable assemblies are photographed as a lunar probe vehicle, as fireworks, and as plants growing beside a stream. Standard head shots of the management team are replaced by caricatures. 

"Our goal is to get people to call us," says Wiater. "We're possibly getting more inquiries from people who think we'd be a fun company to work with. We take projects seriously, but we also enjoy working with customers and want them to enjoy
working with us."

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