July 7, 2008

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Advanced Manufacturing

Originally Published MPMN July 2008


Advanced Manufacturing

Six-Axis Robot Suited for Small-Part Production


Designed for use in such industries as medical manufacturing, a six-axis robot is suitable for flexible small-part production operations that include machine tending, high-speed part handling, assembly, dispensing, and material handling and removal. The intelligent LR Mate 200iC robot rates “best in class” for its wrist load capacity, repeatability, work envelope, and speed, according to its manufacturer. Capabilities include a load capacity of 5 kg, a reach of 704 mm, and repeatability of ±0.02 mm. The robot is mountable in a variety of positions, including on the floor or tabletop, inside machines, at an angle, or inverted.
Fanuc Robotics America Inc., Rochester Hills, MI

Automation Cell Offers Fully Integrated Production


A manufacturer claims that its fully integrated production cell can handle virtually any part that fits into its 6-in. vise or chuck. The JobShop Cell couples drilling, milling, and tapping capabilities with a fully interfaced Fanuc six-axis robot for automated loading and unloading operations. It is also equipped with inbound and outbound conveyors and guards. A variety of hydraulic or pneumatic work-holding options can be accommodated, and an optional fourth axis and work-holding fixture are offered for enhanced performance.
Methods Machine Tools Inc., Sudbury, MA

CMM Incorporates X-ray Tomography


Expanding its line of similar products, a company has released a medium-sized version of its system that combines coordinate-measuring technology with x-ray tomography sensors. The TomoScope HV Compact is designed to measure high-density components constructed from such materials as aluminum, titanium, composites, ceramics, and glass-fiber reinforced plastics. It can be enhanced with raster tomography for measuring small features with high resolution, even on large components. An expanded range of applications and benefits are also possible through the addition of various tactile or optical sensors. Contact and length measurement deviations are comparable to those of its other coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs), according to the company.
Werth Inc., Old Saybrook, CT

Maskless Exposure System Enables Micropatterning


A system provides miniaturization and patterning of designs as small as 3 µm without the need for a photomask. Engineered for rapid prototyping of microstructures on medical products, the SF-100 Elite can process a variety of substrates, shapes, surfaces, and materials, including curved and nonwafer substrates. The system can offer additional benefits when used in tandem with existing micropatterning equipment. Among these advantages are thick-film processing capabilities, compatibility with many different file formats, and a mercury arc lamp light source that provides drop-in solutions for many existing g- and i-line photoresists and other photoactive materials. Applications include stents, catheters, and implantable devices.
Intelligent Micro Patterning LLC, St. Petersburg, FL

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