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Supplier Stories for the Week of March 22

Precision converter and contract manufacturer Web Industries Inc. has allocated production capacity at its Lateral Flow Diagnostic Center of Excellence in Holliston, MA, to support developers of COVID-19 lateral flow immunoassay (LFI) diagnostic tests. LFI tests are one type of diagnostic device under research and development as public health leaders seek solutions to efficiently test large numbers of people for COVID-19, the company reported in a news release."As the medical community mobilizes in response to ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks, rapid diagnostics will play an increasingly crucial role in slowing the spread of the disease,” said Kevin Young, Web Industries' vice president of corporate development, in the release. “As an independent U.S. manufacturing partner, we’re ready to play our part in responding to the COVID-19 crisis.”The 6,500-sq-ft Lateral Flow Diagnostic Center of Excellence offers the following services:Automated reel-to-reel medical device productionIn-house biochemistry labReagent depositionLFI strip manufacturingDevice assembly and packagingWeb Industries’ medical team has devised processes to help LFI device manufacturers expedite the transition from the research lab to large-volume reel-to-reel production of millions of tests. The company offers an LFI economic and manufacturing model to device developers, academic researchers. and companies responding to U.S. market needs for COVID-19 test kits.“Our LFI manufacturing plant is ready to work on a priority basis to be part of the solution,” Young stated. “We can help LFI device developers to efficiently scale up production after they discover a viable LFI solution.”[Image courtesy of WEB INDUSTRIES INC.]
Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of March 22, with many suppliers responding to needs in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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