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Skin-Harvesting Tape ProvidesAlternative to BiopsySkin-Harvesting Tape ProvidesAlternative to Biopsy

July 3, 2003

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Skin-Harvesting Tape ProvidesAlternative to Biopsy

Originally Published MPMN July 2003


Skin-Harvesting Tape ProvidesAlternative to Biopsy

Noninvasive product eases epidermal health monitoring


Medical-grade tape can be used in noninvasive skin-harvesting applications, including monitoring epidermal health 
in circumstances in which a biopsy would be impractical.

Tape harvesting, a well-known method in dermatology, has been used mainly to recover skin proteins and small molecules. Adhesives Research Inc. (Glen Rock, PA; www.adhesivesresearch. com) and DermTech International 
(San Diego, CA; www. dermtechintl.com) have developed a multipurpose medical-grade adhesive tape for use in noninvasive skin harvesting. The product's applications include monitoring epidermal health in circumstances where a biopsy would be impractical.

Measurable RNA can be extracted from recovered nucleic acids found in skin cells. Inthis technique, known 
as epidermal genetic information retrieval, skin cells are captured from the epidermis by means of a skin-harvesting tape. Biocompatible with a number of skin types, the tape is inert to cellular materials and reagents associated with skin-harvesting applications.

The tape features a blend of high-tack, high-peel, and cohesive-strength properties. It forms an immediate bond with the skin. The tape removes enough stratum corneum for analysis in just one to four applications. Other commercial tapes can require up to 25 applications, according to Adhesives Research. The tape is reportedly pain-free and leaves no visible marks. 

Adhesives Research Inc.
400 Seaks Run Rd., P.O. Box 100
Glen Rock, PA 17327
tel: 717/235-7979
fax: 717/235-8320
contact: Melinda Hopp
e-mail: [email protected]
url: www.adhesivesresearch.com 

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