Indispensable Disposables

October 1, 2005

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Indispensable Disposables

Originally Published MPMN October 2005


Indispensable Disposables

Disposable medical devices and supplies reduce bacteria and provide UV resistance

Corinne Litchfield

Traditionally, disposable items in the medical device industry have tended to be plastic and metal products. Technological advances have made it possible to develop more-complex disposable products, such as electronic cables and connectors. A selection of disposable products and materials are featured below.

Surgical Equipment Can Be Operated Using Disposable Cables

MedConx Inc. has developed disposable cables for use in connecting surgical equipment to power generators.

A designer and manufacturer of cables and connectors for use in minimally invasive surgery has introduced disposable cables. The Smart Cables from MedConx Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) can be mated with the company's Smart Connectors. "The market has demanded cables with connectors that are more cost-effective, higher quality, and with shorter lead times than products coming from overseas," says company president and CEO Michael Viguerie. "We have enabled OEMs to replace reusable cables with disposable cables where they previously have been unable to meet the required price points."

The firm developed its Smart Block technology to solve the time- and labor-intensive assembly of fine-wire terminations of multiple-wire cables into connectors. Combined with the company's connectors, the disposable cables can be used to connect generators for minimally invasive surgical and diagnostic equipment to surgical handpieces, patient electrodes, and transducers. "Our technology offers OEMs reduced assembly time, improved yields, faster turnaround times, and in-field reliability," states Viguerie.

UV-resistant Tubing Helps Maximize Drug Efficacy

UV-resistant tubing from B. Braun is designed to minimize degradation, which helps to maximize drug effectiveness.

UV-resistant tubing can be incorporated into custom IV sets. The UltraBlock tubing is offered by B. Braun Medical/OEM Div. (Bethlehem, PA).

UV light can potentially cause an active ingredient in a drug to degrade. By blocking more than 90% of UV light at any wavelength between 220 and 450 nm, the UV-resistant tubing helps minimize degradation, which helps to maximize the efficacy of the drug. The dual-layer tubing features an outer layer containing an additive that acts as a UV inhibitor. The inner layer is DEHP- and latex-free. The double tubing ensures that fluid does not come in contact with the inhibitor. Users can easily see bubbles through the transparent tubing.

Standard tubing with 2.6-mm ID and 3.9-mm OD is available, as well as microbore tubing with 1.5-mm ID and 3.9-mm OD.

Disposable Transducer Is Used in Blood Pressure Monitoring

Utah Medical Product Inc.'s disposable transducer can connect to most blood pressure monitoring systems.

A disposable transducer with flow rates of 3 or 30 cm3/hr is used as a blood pressure device. The Deltran from Utah Medical Products Inc. (Midvale, UT) is supplied either with an integral stopcock and dual-method flush device for ease of debubbling, or as a stand-alone transducer. Available with fluid-resistant cable connector mates and a variety of cables, the Deltran can connect to most monitoring systems. Each disposable transducer is tested to meet or exceed AAMI standards and is manufactured in an ISO 13485-certified facility.

Cartridge-style Check Valve Is Designed for Plastics

Miniature cartridge-style check valves from The Lee Co. can be installed into the plastics.

The Lee Co. (Westbrook, CT) offers a miniature cartridge-style check valve specifically designed for installation into plastics. Now available in 2.5-, 5.5-, and 8-mm diam, the CCPI Series Press-In Chek features a robust barbed design. The design allows easy installation, provides retention, and prevents any bypass leakage around the valve. Each valve is 100% tested for flow, leakage, and cracking pressure to ensure consistent long-term performance. Constructed of stainless steel, the Press-In Chek is offered in a range of cracking pressures from 0 to 72.5 psid and is compatible with most fluids.

Liquid Solidifier Reduces Contaminates

Biohazardous liquids can be easily contained and removed using a liquid solidifier from Multisorb Technologies.

A medical liquid solidifier is designed to quickly contain and solidify biohazardous liquids. Manufactured by Multisorb Technologies (Buffalo, NY), SaniSorb X is a premeasured pouch that inserts easily into medical containers and uses "self-bursting" technology to quickly absorb and immobilize infectious biological fluids. The solidifier greatly reduces the risks and odors associated with handling infectious wastes, bacteria, and particulate matter.

The solidifier dissolves on contact with fluids, then congeals the fluid into an odor-free gelatinous state. Waste is sanitized at the point of generation, preventing spread and contamination, and facilitating cleanup. According to company data, the solidifier reduces infectious bacteria by more than 99.9% within 30 minutes of use.

The product is the first infectious waste fluid solidifier and sanitizer to achieve EPA registration (EPA Reg. No. 72675-1). It is approved for use in treating suction canister Red Bag waste. Sanisorb X eliminates the tearing and spillage that may be associated with conventional products. In addition, it creates no harmful vapors, noxious odors, or dust associated with other treatment agents. The SaniSorb pouch format is available in 2.5-, 5-, 15-, and 27-g strip sizes.

Vacuum Protection Filter Screens out Bacteria

A vacuum protection filter from Pall Medical (Ann Arbor, MI) delivers high flow rates, high water breakthrough, and retention of contaminates, particulates, bacteria, and viruses. Designed specifically for vacuum pump applications, the filter provides optimal membrane surface area while protecting against fluid breakthrough. The filter is compliant with OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Standard 1910.1030.

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