Glass Implant Triggers Bone Growth

Qmed Staff

August 29, 2013

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Glass Implant Triggers Bone Growth

Scientists at Missouri S&T have developed porous strong glass scaffolds that cause bone generation. The scaffolds are "strong enough to repair large structural bone defects" resulting from severe injuries or cancer], according to lead researcher Len Rahaman. In addition, the material can be customized to make it resist infection by, for instnace, incorporating silver into the scaffolds.

Developed using robocasting technology, the material has been shown capable of standing up to the stresses similar to those subjected to the bones in the legs.

The researchers have tested the materials in rats. In those experiments, the scaffold proved capable of quickly joining to skulls and promoting substantial bone growth in a six-week time frame. The research is documented in Acta Biomaterialia. The researchers are now testing the material in the rats leg bones.


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