EpiShuttle for Patient Isolation & Transport Tapped for Emergency Preparations

The single-patient stretcher has been selected by Leader Healthcare for use in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

MDDI Staff

March 23, 2022

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Image courtesy of EpiGuard

EpiGuard's EpiShuttle isolation stretchers are slated for use by Leader Healthcare to improve the preparedness of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The EpiShuttle is already employed by the Abu Dhabi Police and Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services as well as by the World Health Organization and first responders in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Peru, Ireland, Greece, Norway, and Finland, EpiGuard shared in a news release. It is also used by British, Australian, Canadian, Danish, and Norwegian national air forces and others.

"We have been searching for the best product to isolate and transport contaminated or contagious individuals. In our search, we found the EpiShuttle to have unparalleled features," explained Malaz M. Fadlallah, Leader Healthcare's head of medical division, in a news release. "The EpiShuttle is by far the superior product on the market. At the same time, it is the most cost efficient in use."

The EpiShuttle is a single-patient isolation and transport system designed to maintain public safety while allowing critical care and treatment to be performed on the contaminated patient inside. It was developed to protect both the environment and a single individual from contamination, in either positive or negative air-pressure mode.

Sukhdeep Sachdev, global CEO of Leader Healthcare, pointed out that while the EpiShuttle protects the surroundings from any contaminated person, it also "allows for monitoring and full intensive care treatment of the unfortunate one inside. In addition, the adjustable backrest of the EpiShuttle is extremely important when trying to keep coughing from patients with yet unseen variants of Covid-19, at a minimum."

The system has already been used for many patients. "The EpiShuttle has already proven effective in live transports of patients contaminated with chemical war agents as well as in hundreds of Covid-19 transports," explained Ellen Cathrine Andersen, CEO of EpiGuard. "We have also seen the EpiShuttle provide safe and efficient transports of patients with other infectious diseases like Ebola and Tuberculosis."

Andersen believes the technology can prove useful in public safety, especially when it comes to large-scale mass gatherings. "Now, we hope the EpiShuttle can keep even more citizens in Qatar and the UAE safe from both existing threats and perhaps more importantly so-far unknown threats, in years to come," Andersen stated. 

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