April 16, 2002

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Web Site Sheds Light on Laser Processing Questions

Originally Published MPMN April 2002


Web Site Sheds Light on Laser Processing Questions

Zachary Turke



A new Web site maintained by GSI Lumonics (Billerica, MA) helps device manufacturers familiarize themselves with laser materials processing. Containing a range of information on laser welding, cutting, and drilling, the page features two services that allow users to submit sample parts for processing and to ask laser experts specific questions. "We are attempting to provide the visitors to our Web site with more information about laser processing and to help them understand the issues and benefits associated with this technology," says applications manager Tom Kugler.

Putting OEMs in direct contact with applications engineers, the "Ask an Applications Expert" section of the company's site allows users to submit laser processing questions via e-mail. Users are prompted to detail the application in question with all relevant process information, including part material, thickness, weld penetration requirements, case depth, and hole diameters, to ensure that a comprehensive answer can be provided. Drawings or photos can also be included with the query. GSI Lumonics will respond by e-mail or telephone within two business days of receipt of the inquiry.

Information about submitting sample parts for processing can be accessed under the "Get Samples Processed" portion of the Web site. Manufacturers seeking to take advantage of this service are required to submit an on-line form that describes the processing parameters. After the form is received, a representative from GSI Lumonics will contact the company to arrange the part exchange.

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