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June 1, 2000

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Originally Published June 2000

Equipment News:



Tip-forming/welding machines offer precision control and ample power for the most demanding catheter-processing applications. Front-panel LEDs indicate high-current, high-temperature, and low-water-pressure faults. A large digital display provides load current readings, which can be used for process parameter verification and inclusion in the master device record. The dual independent catheter-feeding system has a split pneumatic collet carriage, individual control of air pressure for each side of the tubing feeder, and adjustable pneumatic gripping of the catheter tubing to provide the ultimate control for accurate and gentle handling of delicate catheter materials. PlasticWeld Systems, 3690 Coomer Rd., Newfane, NY 14108.


Heat sealer

A dual-element heat sealer features repeatable and verifiable temperature controls. The HD-12 can be fully validated and includes 500°C controllers, single or dual 12-in. elements, and a high-pressure seal area. It is suitable for medical and industrial applications and can seal a range of materials from polyethylene to Kapton. Contour seals and other options are also available. Aline Heat Seal Corp., 8018 Freestone St., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670.


Fabric-sealing system

Developed for bonding, laminating, and sealing, an ultrasonic fabric-processing system seals knitted, woven, and nonwoven thermoplastic materials. The Model FS-180 eliminates the need for adhesives, chemical binders, staples, needles, or thread. The stand-alone system has been redesigned with the sealing anvil positioned above the work area, which allows the operator to more easily view the bond as it is created. Other features include a forward-angled head assembly (to allow better visibility and room for the material to be moved), increased throat height (which allows for additional visibility and ease in processing bulkier materials), a stronger and heavier support assembly (minimizing deflection), and an optional back puller (to ease operator handling during in-line processing). Branson Ultrasonics Corp., 41 Eagle Rd., Danbury, CT 06813-1961.


Assembly system

A low-frequency 15-kHz assembly system provides 4000 W of ultrasonic power, a robust structure, and user-friendly controls. The system is suitable for applications where ultrasonic technology is typically passed over in favor of such larger-capacity assembly processes as vibration welding. Able to penetrate materials easier and faster than higher-frequency units, the low-frequency sound waves of this system allow it to handle large parts and soft materials that would otherwise not be possible to assemble ultrasonically. Dukane Corp., Ultrasonics Div., 2900 Dukane Dr., St. Charles, IL 60174.


Radio-frequency sealer

A PLC-controlled RF sealer features automatic power control. The unit monitors and adjusts the power settings for both 360° tube seals and perimeter seals in real time. An operator interface includes preprogrammed job settings based on historical records and the ability to download production results to a PC for documentation purposes. On-screen diagnostic message capability is also built into the system. Kabar Manufacturing Corp., 140 Schmitt Blvd., Farmingdale, NY 11735.


Plastic welders

Featuring integrated power supplies, two ultrasonic welders are compact and easy to set up and use. The 900- and 1500-W welders allow full rotation of the converter, booster, and horn assembly for quick and easy tooling changes and alignment. The systems are designed to excel in challenging production environments. Sonitek Corp., 84 Research Dr., Milford, CT 06460.


Tubing sealer

PVC, EVA, and polyurethane tubing with diameters up to ½-in. OD can be sealed using the Model 3120 RF generator. It ensures correct operation for all ac single-phase input voltages from 90 to 264 V ac. The operator can control RF power and dwell time either automatically by computer, or manually via the easily accessible front panel. Sebra, 100 N. Tucson Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85716.


Medical tray sealers

Medical tray sealers feature a platen size of 10 x 10 in. and accept a tray depth of 2½ in. The standard model is designed for entry-level or budget-conscious applications where quality packaging control is still essential. It features all-digital controls for easy and consistent setup. An upgraded model offers the same quality but a higher level of process control including a PLC operator interface terminal, memory recall of preprogrammed setups, and security password protection. Both models are designed to meet packaging quality requirements for manufacturers of sterile devices. Belco Packaging Systems Inc., 910 S. Mountain Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016.


Mold repair microwelders

Weldmax microwelders are capacitance discharge systems that fuse weld material to damaged molds with high-amperage, short-cycle discharges. Weld material penetrates the mold surface without heat, distortion, shrinkage, or metal stress. Strong, homogeneous, and impurity-free welds are produced.With these welders, repairs can be done in-house, often with the mold still in the press. Gesswein, 255 Hancock Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605.


Welding/assembly machines

A company designs and builds custom machinery to automate the production, assembly, and testing of medical devices and diagnostics. Its capabilities include product design and development of medical and drug-delivery devices, development of new processes, and designing and building automated equipment for processing, converting, assembly, welding, heat sealing, inspection, and packaging of hard-to-handle medical devices and disposables. The machine pictured here was built for an OEM who needed a unit that would assemble, ultrasonically weld, and leak test the plastic components used in its medical devices. Design Technology Corp., 5 Suburban Park Dr., Billerica, MA 01821.

RF Welder

Among the applications for an RF welder are blood bags, blood separation systems, blood pressure cuffs, pulsating air mattresses, IV feeding bags, urinary drainage bags, and air-inflated splints. Options include PC- and PLC-controlled systems, closed-loop power control, stainless-steel construction, tuned transmission lines and RF shielding, electronic arc prevention, and a multiple-power RF switch. Markperi International Enterprises Inc., 180 Oval Dr., Islandia, NY 11722.

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