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Switches, Signals, and Connectors 15231Switches, Signals, and Connectors

January 9, 2006

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Switches, Signals, and Connectors

Originally Published MPMN January 2006


Switches, Signals, and Connectors

Push-button switches


Designed for such applications as panels, control grips, instruments, and heavy equipment, a line of lighted dome push-button switches features a dust-tight and moisture-proof sealed construction. The LP9 series provides tactile feedback that indicates when a switch is activated. Available in flush-button and raised-button profile versions, the switches feature LED illumination in addition to a threaded case for hex-nut mounting. The switches can withstand a minimum of 25,000 operations at a full rated load of 5 A resistive or 3 A inductive, and up to 1 million operations in low-signal switching, according to the company.
Otto Controls, Carpentersville, IL

Rated rocker switches


Available in a selection of terminal types for both high- and low-volume manufacturing techniques, a company’s mains-rated rocker switches are RoHS compliant. A choice of actuators, switching, colors, terminals, and bezel styles and sizes are offered, as are illuminated versions. Switching includes single-pole, single-throw; single-pole, double-throw; double-pole, single-throw; and double-pole, double-throw versions, plus three-position center-off options. Current ratings range from 10 A, 250 V ac to 20 A, 277 V ac. High inrush units up to 150 A are also provided.
Arcolectric Corp., Thousand Palms, CA

Sensing switch


Supplying sensing capabilities over a large curve or circle, a switch is suited for medical scanning heads and patient transport tables. The Sensor-Ring acts as an alternative to multipiece, multiswitch products because of its curved, singular, flexible sensing-edge design. This feature provides contact closure when touched at any point. Allowing for the pass-through of wires, mechanical components, or personnel, a sensing edge is located on the circumference of a hollow arc or ring. The product is offered in diameters of 11¼2 to 5 ft, and can cover an angular range from 10° to 360°. Sensing can be installed on up to three sides of the ring.
Tapeswitch Corp., Farmingdale, NY

Nonmagnetic connectors


A series of connectors has been modified to adhere to nonmagnetic specifications for MRI and similar applications requiring nonmagnetic interconnect. Amphe-Lite connectors feature housings constructed from corrosion-resistant materials and a lightweight IP67 rating when mated. Nonmagnetic contacts are available for power, signal, and coaxial applications, ranging from a single Twinax contact up to 128 size-22D contacts for crimping 22 through 28 AWG. Standard crimp contacts can be terminated to discrete wires; PC tail contacts can be terminated to either printed circuit boards or flex circuitry.
Amphenol Industrial Operations, Sidney, NY

Illuminated push buttons


Featuring bodies with a 0.551-in. behind-panel depth, illuminated push buttons are available with translucent white caps and red, green, or amber LEDs. The LP01 series features a cap diameter of 0.533 in. and an overall diameter of 0.787 in., including the housing. Designed with an arc barrier between the movable contacts to prevent crossover, the units have a mechanical life of 500,000 operations, according to the company. The models are rated at 3 A at 125 V ac, 3 A at 250 V ac, or 20 A at 30 V dc. Both the push buttons and their packaging materials comply with the RoHS directive.
NKK Switches, Scottsdale, AZ

Optical switch


Using infrared LEDs for signal generation and a proprietary magnetic system for indexing, an optical encoder has no mechanical contacts. The product has a rotational life of more than 10 million rotations, according to the company. The E50 encoder is available in versions operating at 24 or 32 pulses per channel per rotation, and with switching torques of 1.5, 1.3, 0.6, or 0.45 N•cm. Available with a 6-mm or 1¼4-in. shaft, the encoder features a standard 0.1-in. male header accepting a standard socket connector.
Elma Electronic Inc., Fremont, CA



A panel-mount LED module displays the color green when an input voltage is between two easily programmable levels and shows red when the input voltage is higher or lower. The FPSI 1010-1 indicator is composed of screw terminal connectors and a one-piece, snap-in bezel. Levels are set and stored in Flash memory and can be changed frequently. The unit may be used in applications where a go or no-go indicator is required.
Saelig Company, Inc., Pittsford, NY

Tight-pitch connector


Featuring a footprint measuring 74 × 19.4 mm,
a zero insertion force (ZIF)–style connector incorporates 260 contacts into an interface. The AMP TC-ZIF connector has four rows of 0.8-mm-pitch contacts operated with one lever located on the mating receptacle. A connector option for the company’s precision interconnect cable assemblies for diagnostic ultrasound probes is available. The connector is rated for up to 20,000 mating cycles.
Tyco Electronics, Harrisburg, PA

Metal dome switch array


Eliminating the need for soldering or individual pick-and-place operations for switches, a polyester carrier with pressure-sensitive adhesive enables metal domes to be placed directly onto circuit boards and flex circuits. Peel-N-Place dome arrays allow several switches to be placed in the amount of time it would normally take one switch to be placed, according to the company. Four-legged, triangle, and round dome styles are available, and standard sizes range from 4 to 20 mm, with a range of actuation forces.
Snaptron Inc., Loveland, CO

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