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Switches, Signals, and Connectors 15033Switches, Signals, and Connectors

January 14, 2005

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Switches, Signals, and Connectors

Originally Published MPMN January 2005


Switches, Signals, and Connectors

Sensor for diagnostic technology
A supplier of switches and other products to the medical manufacturing industry performs all its prototyping in-house. The firm was approached by a company to be a part of the SuperStellate Array project and develop a sensor to be used in diagnostic technology. The firm adapted and reengineered the design of another company and created a printed circuit sensor that provides a quick, painless, and inexpensive method of detecting breast cancer. The arrays attach to the breast, and the hardware and software gather, analyze, and report the results. Golden Valley Products Inc., Minneapolis, MN www.gvp-inc.net

Miniature solderless connectors
Elastomeric cores are combined with fine-pitch conductors to form connectors featuring solderless assembly, a gasket-like seal, and multiple contacts. By using modular manufacturing techniques, the company wraps or embeds 50-µm-diam wires in rubber substrates according to customer requirements. The resulting parts can replace pogo pins or traditional metallic connectors. The compressing of the flexible substrates generates the force needed for attaining an electrical connection and also creates a seal. This force is achieved by employing threaded fasteners or snap-action designs. These mechanical features can be integrated with the final packaging, which may reduce manufacturing costs. Z-Axis, Warminster, PA www.zaxisconnector.com

Electronic connectors
A company develops and supplies a variety of interconnection products and electronic connectors such as precision cylindrical connectors, which are suitable for use in medical applications. A complete range of services are also provided, including application consultation, technical support, and custom development and design through final distribution.
Fischer Connectors Inc., Atlanta, GA www.fischerconnectors.com

Custom membrane applicationsmpmn0501p30d.jpg

A manufacturer of membrane switches, graphic overlays, flat or formed RFI/EMI shielding, disposable biosensors, and electrochemical sensors offers laser-cut prototyping without high tooling costs. The ISO 9000:2001–certified firm provides services from the initial design through assembly, packaging, and final shipment. Custom designs are available. Conductive Technologies Inc., York, PA www.conductivetech.com

Disposable connector
A connector is suitable for use in a wide range of medical applications and is economical for one-time purposes. The Redel disposable connector series is compatible with the line’s 1P devices. EtO and gamma-radiation sterilizable, the units feature a new simplified latching mechanism and stamped contacts that are soldered, then snapped into place, enabling easy termination and eliminating cleaning. Available in four keyways, the connectors have removable snap-on back shells that allow for quick correction of assembly errors and are 100% scoop free. Lemo USA Inc., Rohnert Park, CA www.lemousa.com

Block headers
A company has added three new series of double-level, high-temperature, SMT-compatible printed circuit board terminal block headers to its line of products. Available in a wide range of pin spacing, the devices have low space requirements and high contact density. The MCD 0.5-HT has 2.5-mm pin spacing; the MCD 1.5-THT, 3.81 mm; and the MCDN 1.5-THT, 3.5 mm. The headers are offered in horizontal or vertical configurations with optional screw flanges or plastic locking latches. Parts can be easily integrated into surface-mount production processes, eliminating hand soldering. Phoenix Contact Inc., Harrisburg, PA www.phoenixcon.com

Sensor ring
A switch is suitable for medical scanning heads or patient-transport tables. Replacing multipiece multiswitches, the Sensor-Ring is used in applications that require sensing over a large curve or circle. A curved, one-piece, flexible sensing edge, located on the circumference of a hollow arc or ring, provides contact closure when touched at any point. This configuration enables wires, mechanical components, or personnel to pass through. Available in 1.5–5.0-ft diameters, the product can cover an angular range from 10° to 360° and meets protection classification IP67. Sensing can be installed on up to three sides of the ring. Tapeswitch Corp., Farmingdale, NY www.tapeswitch.com

Ac switch
Capable of being used in place of electromechanical relays, a three-pole ac switch combines three normally open solid-state relays in a single package. The HBC-065 can be wired as a three-pole, single-throw relay when inputs are tied parallel to each other or as three isolated single-pole, single-throw relays. The unit’s adaptability makes it suitable for solenoid switching; controlling pumps, heaters, and small motors; and other general-purpose, low-current switching applications. Measuring 1.5 ¥ 3 ¥ 1 ft, the device operates at an output of 12–280 V rms, with an output of 0.01–1.5 A rms per pole and a typical current of 15 mA per input. Its control voltage is 4–10 V dc with input impedance of 300 W. Featuring 0.25-ft faston terminals, the switch can be mounted on a panel or DIN rail. HBControls Inc., Fall River, MA www.hbcontrols.com

Touchproof connectors
An ISO 9001–certified company manufactures FDA-compliant 2-mm touchproof connectors, adapters, and leads. Low- and high-current connectors and test accessories as well as a complete line of potential equalization or equipotential grounding products made to DIN and IEC recommendations are among its other offerings. Custom manufacturing is available. Multi-Contact USA, Santa Rosa, CA www.multi-contact-usa.com

Power entry modulempmn0501p30j.jpg

A power entry module is designed to save space as well as minimize time and cost during the assembly of electronic devices. The Series DC21 unit features an ac inlet and on and off switch functions that are internally wired and connect to a printed circuit board for three-pin installation, which minimizes emissions that result from the use of wire connections. The low-profile design eliminates the handling of wires, and a rear cover further insulates the module from other components. Available in one or two poles, the device has an in-rush rating of 100 A for 3 to 4 milliseconds or 5 A continuous, and its lifetime is rated for 50,000 cycles at 10 A and 250 V. The product features a lighted option for status indication and is also available in a model with an EMC filter that attenuates noise in common and differential modes. Schurter Inc., Santa Rosa, CA www.schurter.com

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