Spotlight on Molding Services

March 1, 2003

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Spotlight on Molding Services

Originally Published MPMN March 2003


Spotlight on Molding Services

Reaction injection molded parts

0303p34a.jpgA reaction injection molding process enables OEMs of specialty equipment to use molded plastic parts even if their production volumes are low. Projects from tooling through production can be accommodated including EMI protection, painting, decoration, and assembly. The company recently expanded its capabilities to include high-impact materials and molded-in colors. Premold, 5657 Frontier Rd., P.O. Box 682, Oconomowoc, WI 53066.

Injection-molded parts

0303p34b.jpgQuality injection-molded parts can be made available in 10 working days, according to the company. All phases of the mold-making process are computerized. Noncontact video measuring equipment ensures accurate dimensions. Both production runs and preproduction runs can be inpsected to fit any special requirements. Parts are checked for structural integrity by making special fixtures that simulate a real-world application. Whether a part requires an impact load, a torque load, or a compression load, the company can test it. Advanced Technology, 235 Citation Cir., Corona, CA 92880-2523.

Molding services

0303p34c.jpgA company specializes in injection molding, insert molding, and assembly of high-precision, tight-tolerance parts for the medical industry. A range of medical-grade thermoplastic materials including PVCs, thermoplastic elastomers, and high-heat engineering materials can be molded. Complex part designs requiring undercuts, multiple core pulls, slides, and threads are typical. This image appears courtesy of Linvatec. UTI Corp., 200 W. 7th Ave., Collegeville, PA 19426.

Precision molding

0303p34d.jpgA proprietary injection molding process defines time, heat, cooling, and pressure variables for each mold before production, so products can be consistently replicated to tolerances of 0.001 in. Specializing in high- technology and biomedical devices, the ISO 9002–certified company offers a Class 100,000 cleanroom for mission-critical, precision production. Other manufacturing capabilities include electric molding machines, PC-linked pressure transducers, integrated design and process software, robotics, in-house mold making, assembly services, and supply chain management. C. Brewer Co., 3630 Miraloma Ave., Anaheim, CA 92806.

Injection molding

0303p34e.jpgA company with an environmentally controlled injection molding facility and fully staffed quality assurance department can injection mold products from prototype samples through full production quantities. Isolating and controlling the injection molding process results in consistent quality and low part cost. Assembly and decorating services are also available. Facilities are equipped with a central closed-loop water system, desiccant-bed hopper dryers, automated material-handling systems, and mold-temperature controllers. Porex Medical Products, 930 Wanamaker Ave., Ontario, CA 91761-8151.

Complex injection molding

0303p34f.jpgPrecision injection-molded plastic parts are offered to the medical OEM industry. An in-house tool room is equipped with CNC machining and provides quick turnaround on tooling. Precision molding of complex parts is provided to tolerances of ±0.001 in. on certain applications. Parts are produced from materials such as PEEK, ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, acetyls, and other high-performance materials. Patrick Plastics Corp., 1300 Nagel Blvd., Batavia, IL 60510.

Nonprofit molder

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A not-for-profit FDA-registered organization specializes in custom injection molding and contract manufacturing and assembly. The company provides outsourcing services including engineering, tool design and construction, decorating, and packaging. Thirteen injection molding machines and a white room are available. COARC, Box 2, 530 Rte. 217, Mellenville, NY 12544.

Dip-molding services

0303p34h.jpgA custom OEM dip molder processes synthetic elastomers such as silicone, synthetic rubbers, and thermoplastic polyurethanes into medical device components. Cleanroom facilities are available for prototyping work as well as production volumes. A proprietary accelerator-free curing technology for use with silicone and rubber latices is capable of producing parts with excellent tensile strength properties and tensile set characteristics, as well as biocompatibility. Specially formulated silicone can reach tensile strengths of 1500 psi with a 1000% elongation, while formulations for synthetic polyisoprene can produce tensile strengths of 4500 psi at an elongation of 900%. Typical dip- molding applications include catheter balloons, pressure regulators, pumping bladders, diaphragms, sheaths, probe covers, tubing, and sheeting. Apex Medical Technologies Inc., 10064 Mesa Ridge Ct., Ste. 202, San Diego, CA 92121

Custom molding

0303p34i.jpgSmall-part molding for high-technology applications is offered. Fluoropolymers such as Teflon, PFA, and other difficult-to-mold materials can be accommodated. The company also provides services including material selection, component design, mold design, tool building, molding, assembly, and testing, as well as prototyping, engineering, mold-flow analysis, finite-element analysis, and special quality inspection procedures. Entegris, 3500 Lyman Blvd., Chaska, MN 55318.

Contract manufacturing

0303p34j.jpgA company offers services from design conceptualization to scale-up in support of full commercialization. In-house mold design services feature Unigraphics 3-D and more than 100 CAD/CAM personnel using multiple systems with the latest hardware and software technologies. Dedicated regulatory staff and quality control that emphasizes statistical process control integration and programmable vision systems for automated part inspection are also offered. The Tech Group, 14677 N. 74th St., Scottsdale, AZ 85260-2403.

Gas-assist injection molding

0303p34k.jpgGas-assist injection molding inserts nitrogen gas into the melt stream, causing the resin to disperse into the product's thicker areas. This process offers advantages on non-gas-assisted molding, including a higher stiffness-to-weight ratio and smoother surface appearance with reduced cycle times and fewer weight, warp, stress, and sink marks. The company's engineering expertise includes rapid prototyping, material testing and analysis, mold-flow analysis, and mold design and fabrication. Entech Plastics, 2103 E. 33rd St., Erie, PA 16510.

Molded components

0303p34l.jpgA wide range of injection molding services and several secondary finishing and assembly operations are available. The company produces components ranging from simple thermoplastics to complex geometries made of titanium. Design assistance is offered to ensure the best material and manufacturing method are employed at the lowest possible cost. Coorstek, 16000 Table Mountain Pky., Golden, CO 80403.

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