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Pumps and Valves 15854Pumps and Valves

March 17, 2009

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Pumps and Valves

Originally Published MPMN March 2009


Pumps and Valves



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With a maximum flow of 3 cfm and maximum pressure of 30 psig, a compressor is designed to accommodate medical applications requiring a small, quiet, and lightweight pump. The 2450-series WOB-L compressor features a monolithic head that can reduce leak paths and a boltless construction that decreases noise and vibration. Optional intake locations on the side and bottom of the compressor offer increased ease of plumbing, and mounting options on the unit make installation easy. In addition to permanently lubricated bearings, stainless-steel valves, and a high-performance piston seal, the compressor features a piston and cylinder that do not require oil or lubrication. Measuring 8.3 x 4.0 x 6.4 in., it is made with lightweight aluminum components. The product’s thin-wall, hard-coated aluminum cylinder is designed to provide maximum heat transfer.
Thomas Products Div., Sheboygan, WI

Syringe pump valves


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A manufacturer of fluid-handling products offers a line of valves for use with its RoHS-compliant syringe pump. Available in a variety of materials and configurations, the valves enable the C3000 syringe pump to be used in a variety of applications. Four styles of the ¼–28 thread port valves are offered. The 120º three-port Y-style valve is available with a plug made of UHMWPE and a body of either PEEK or PCTFE. The three other 90º valves include the three-port T-style valve and four-port Distribution valve with PEEK bodies and UHMWPE plugs, and a four-port valve with a PCTFE body and UHMWPE plug. The positive-displacement syringe pump module also uses standard communication protocols and mounting configurations to eliminate costly and time-consuming redevelopment.
TriContinent Scientific Inc., Grass Valley, CA

Miniature ball valves


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A series of miniature ball valves is designed for applications requiring pressure up to 250 psig. It includes the MBV-1010 standard shutoff valve, the MBVT-1010 three-way diverting valve, and the MBVMD-1010 three-way mixing diverting valve. Compact and lightweight, the valves offer nonrestricted flow and are available with a variety of seals. The standard shutoff valve weighs approximately 9 g; the other two valves each weigh approximately 12 g. The valve bodies are available in either Type 303 or Type 316 stainless steel. All of the valves use Type 316 ball elements. Suited for use in a variety of prototype and device designs, the valves can also be used for a range of medical equipment.
Beswick Engineering Company, Inc., Greenland, NH

Pressure control valve


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A supplier offers a proportional pressure control valve that can control pressures ranging from vacuum to 150 psig. The QPV high-resolution pressure control valve uses a proportional solenoid valve to avoid digital stepping while changing pressure. This technology, combined with precise pneumatic control, is designed to provide high repeatability, which can be crucial for leak-testing and liquid-dispensing applications. The valve can be employed to control air and liquid pressures in such medical applications as an inflatable cuff for limbs, a wand that vacuums fluids out of the body, or a system that dispenses a liquid sample to count cells. Available in a variety of connector options, the valve can be mounted in almost any position.
Proportion-Air, McCordsville, IN

Rotary valves


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Building on a previous series of rotary microvalves, a family of rotary valves offers precise and repeatable shot sizes, low maintenance, and quick and easy installation. The TS7000 interchangeable material path rotary valves are designed to eliminate dead fluid volume and feature a field-replaceable feed screw and cartridge assembly. Capable of repeatable dispensing of medium- and high-viscosity fluids and pastes, the valves are suited for such applications as small-dot dispensing of surface-mount adhesives, cavity filling, and glob-top dispensing. Made of precision hardened steel, the valves are available in three feed-screw auger sizes: 16 and 8 pitch and high-output 8 pitch. An encoder motor is available for applications that require closed-loop motor control with encoder feedback.
Techcon Systems, Garden Grove, CA



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With a plunger seal life of 2 million cycles, a series of micropumps offers reduced downtime and high dispensing speeds for continuous and metering flow rate applications. Consisting of 10 models, the series features precision-machined inner parts that are designed to minimize wear and tear that can occur between mating parts during system operation. The pumps range in capacity from 27 µl to 3 ml/stroke. Compact and lightweight, the pumps provide accurate and consistent flow rates and are suited for use in such equipment as clinical analyzers, including blood, urine, protein, and DNA analysis devices, as well as autosamplers. The pumps also can be customized for air-bubble removal, increased dispensing speed, volume per pulse, and port location.
Sanwa Tsusho Company, Ltd.

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