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May 6, 2008

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Pumps and Valves

Originally Published MPMN May 2008


Pumps and Valves

Dispensing pump

A simply designed precision pump for diagnostic and life science equipment dispensing applications is based on durable zirconia ceramic displacement-piston technology. The Sapphire Engineering VFP17 is available with total dispense volumes of 25 µl to 5 ml and has a guaranteed life of millions of cycles. Dispense volume accuracy has been tested to be better than 1% Cv with deionized water. The flexible pump head design facilitates integration with valves, manifolds, and other components. The pump’s head, piston, and seal materials can be customized for IVD and biotechnology uses, and an optional seal wash is available to maximize seal life when challenging fluids are pumped.
IDEX Health & Science, Oak Harbor, WA

Disk-style check valve

A biocompatible disk-style check valve made of lipid-resistant, latex-free polycarbonate with a USP Class VI–approved silicone valve has a female luer-lock inlet and a male luer-lock outlet. Compatible with many compounds, the component has a 0.217-psi cracking pressure. Its color changes from blue to clear when sterilized by means of gamma irradiation. The part is available in low minimum quantities from the ISO 9001:2000–certified supplier, a manufacturer of stock and custom OEM medical disposable components.
Qosina Corp., Edgewood, NY

Peristaltic irrigation pump

A medical irrigation pump suited for applications that require frequent tube changes and flow rates of 0.25 to 3000 ml/min contains the fluid being pumped entirely within the USP Class VI–approved tubing to make cleaning easy. The sanitary 313D pump head has been designed for intuitive tube replacement, ensuring that a new tube is installed properly so as to deliver optimum pumping performance, according to the manufacturer. Available in custom colors, the pump features a design without valves or seals and can run dry without damage. Customizable to work with any pump-grade tubing, the device can be purchased as a pump head only and as many as six units can be stacked on a single drive.
Watson-Marlow Bredel, Wilmington, MA

Solenoid valves with integrated coil

The latest in a manufacturer’s offering of production options for its small yet high-flow-rate solenoid valves for air and liquid applications is an integrated coil that facilitates installation. The NEMA 4X coil with rotating conduit hub is available with Series 204 two-way and Series 304 three-way valves, which can be supplied as normally closed or normally open. In addition to interchangeable ac and dc coils and a tab coil, both valve series include an extensive line of high-temperature watertight coil designs to meet demanding environmental conditions. Maximized flows are delivered through orifice sizes ranging from 1⁄32 to 5⁄32 in., and valve connections feature 1⁄8-in. NPT port sizes. The integrated coil is RoHS compliant.
Parker Fluid Control Div., New Britain, CT

Dispensing valve

A diaphragm valve designed for precise flow control of low- to medium-viscosity materials weighs 2.7 oz and is 3.1 in. high, making it suitable for stand-alone bench dispensing or integration into equipment. Use of the stroke adjustment knob on the VD510 valve enables shot sizes to be fine-tuned. Because the valve’s design separates wetted parts from the drive components, the device can be used to dispense cyanoacrylates, electrolytes, reagents, glues, paints, solvents, alcohol, and other volatile substances that could damage machinery. Application of air pressure to the valve opens it, allowing the material to be dispensed. Following dispense, a spring helps close the valve immediately, the rapid shutoff minimizing material waste.
I&J Fisnar Inc., Fair Lawn, NJ

Dispensers and pumps

Dispensers and pumps with a patented valveless design and just one moving part are offered in OEM versions that include both fixed- and variable-displacement action. The OEM line consists of many standard models that dispense fluid volumes ranging from 500 nl per dispense up to 1.28 ml per revolution. In addition, the ISO 9001:2000–certified supplier can design custom models to fulfill specific application requirements. Suited for incorporation into medical diagnostic and analytical instrumentation, these products meet high performance standards with their flow coefficients of 0.5% or better and accuracy of ±1%.
Fluid Metering Inc., Syosset, NY

Needle-type dispensing valves

The precision dispensing of epoxies, UV-curable adhesives, and cyanoacrylates in dots and beads, as well as encapsulants and potting compounds, in medical device assembly applications is facilitated by a company’s needle valves. The stainless-steel body of the ANV valves ensures that internal surfaces are not affected by any material selected for dispensing. Whether handheld or mounted in a benchtop fixture for manual or automated operation, the valves provide deposition control and repeatability. The normally closed position of the valve minimizes strain on the lift spring and thus extends the device’s operating lifetime. Separation of the fluid and air-supply chambers prevents contamination and makes cleaning easy.
Fishman Corp., Hopkinton, MA


Featuring dimensions of 8.3 × 4.0 × 6.4 in. and noise as low as 50 dBa at 20 psig, a 9.5-lb compressor is suited for medical and other pressure applications calling for a small, quiet, lightweight pump. The 2450-series WOB-L has a patented monolithic head to minimize leak paths, optional intake locations on the side and bottom to simplify plumbing, and patented boltless construction that acts to mitigate vibration and noise. Centerline-of-gravity mounting options facilitate installation. Maximum flow for compressors at 115 V, 60 Hz, is 3.0 cu ft/min, and maximum pressure is 30 psig. A 50-Hz alternative is available.
Thomas Products Div., Sheboygan, WI

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