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Pumps and ValvesPumps and Valves

March 26, 2010

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Pumps and Valves

Solenoid-operated pinch valves


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Providing control of flow paths for fluid-handling systems, solenoid-operated pinch valves have low power requirements and are available with a normally open or normally closed valve function. The redesigned 075P2 two-way valves eliminate sharp edges and feature smooth contours, allowing for easier insertion and removal of tubing without snares. An integrated insert provides both positive tube retention and confirmation of correct tubing size. A manual push-button override is also available as an option. The new design includes a valve body constructed from Luran and a plunger made from Ryton, materials that are resistant to most common cleaning solutions and that meet the company's two-million-cycle operation standard.
Bio-Chem Fluidics
Boonton, NJ

Miniature flipper solenoid valve


At 4.5 mm wide, a flipper isolation valve miniaturizes solenoid valve applications while outperforming 10-mm designs, according to the manufacturer. Because the valve is small, equipment and instrument manufacturers can pack more of them into the same space, thereby increasing functionality and reducing costs. Featuring an internal design that enables effective flushing of materials through the device--a trait formerly found only in rocker valves--the flipper solenoid valve eliminates waste associated with reagents and cross-contamination while increasing process safety. For use in clinical, life sciences, analytical, and fluid-handling equipment, the component offers manufacturers fast response times and high reproducibility while eliminating the need for pumping.
Burkert Fluid Control Systems
Irvine, CA

Syringe pumps


Available with a range of specialty syringes and performance valves, a line of syringe pumps operates as self-contained fluid-dispensing subsystems. Featuring stroke lengths of 30 and 60 mm, the pumps have self-lubricating and self-tightening lead nuts that reduce deterioration and provide for greater syringe-plunger positioning, according to the manufacturer. Both half-height and full-height models are driven using a dc servomotor. Rigorous manufacturing controls, ISO 9001 certification, and the units' chassis design ensure precision and accuracy.
Hamilton Co.
Reno, NV

Cartridge valve


Manifold-mount cartridge valves are a simplified alternative to solenoid operators and stud-mount valves, according to the manufacturer. Part of a family of direct-acting solenoid valves for air, liquid, and light oil applications, the compact valves are suitable for use in the medical device manufacturing industry. The manifold-mount cartridge valve is offered in two- and three-way models with a stainless-steel body. Its space-saving design does not have manifold orifices requiring machining or pressing. The valves also do not require assembly because the sleeve, plunger, spring, and orifice are pressed together as a single unit. Featuring orifice sizes ranging from 3/64 through 5/32 in., the valves are offered normally closed or open with a sleeve port size of 1/8 in.
Parker Fluid Control Div.
New Britain, CT

Miniature plastic check valves


Suited for use in limited-space environments, miniature plastic check valves perform high-flow applications in medical devices. Available in animal-free polypropylene, acetal, PVDF, nylon, and polycarbonate, the valves feature barbs with 1/8-, 3/16-, ¼-, 5/16-, and 3/8-in. IDs and ¼-in. ODs, making them suitable for use with push-in-style fittings. Capable of reacting to pressures as low as 1-in. mercury, ½ psi, the valves feature optional seals made of fluorosilicone, EPDM, Viton, and silicone, allowing manufacturers to use them in a range of aggressive oxygen- and fluid-handling applications. Among other uses, the valves are employed in analyzers and respiratory equipment.
Pneuline Supply
Greeley, CO

Micropump modules


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Featuring a footprint of 28 mm wide × 28 mm high, micropump modules are available in 10 basic models with flow rates ranging from 27 µl/stroke to 3 ml/stroke. Used in continuous- and metering-flow applications for such devices as analyzers, autosamplers, and liquid-handling systems, the TS-series modules feature a Cv of 0.2114%, ensuring reproducibility. They also have an expected plunger-seal service lifetime of 2,000,000 cycles and precision-machined internal parts, which minimize wear-and-tear stemming from faulty mating of parts during system operation. Additional features include easy maintenance and flexible design-modification capability. Customized models can be used to remove air bubbles and increase dispensing speeds.
Sanwa Tsusho Company, Ltd.


Variable metering pump


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An intelligent fluid-metering product line features on-board computer and dual motor control in a single, small package. Capable of dispensing solvents, chemical reagents, drugs, gels, chemicals, biological fluids, and other substances, the VMP is a programmable, valveless, positive-displacement dispensing and metering pump with a life expectancy of more than 80 million operations. Featuring an embedded microprocessor that holds 100 stored programs in memory, the unit enables users to adjust stroke, speed, and direction electronically, making it suitable for FDA-validated processes. In addition, its on-board memory holds internal calibration factors and zero offsets. With a Cv of 0.5%, the pump offers preprogrammed fluid control, enabling the retrieval of recipes, menus, unique quantity, flow rates, number of strokes, or cycles per dispense. Available with proprietary autoclavable stainless-steel split-body pump heads, the device provides a purge mode, speed and direction control, and programs in volumetric units.
Zaxis Inc.
Salt Lake City


For more features and information on pumps and valves, go to www.devicelink.com/mpmn/pumpvalves.

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