Products and Services: Manufacturing Equipment

Bob Michaels

November 9, 2011

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Products and Services: Manufacturing Equipment

Laser System for Rapid Prototyping
The RapidX250 laser micromachining system can be used in rapid prototyping applications to fabricate microfluidic devices, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and medical devices with tolerances approaching 1 µm. Offered by Resonetics LLC, the system employs a multiwavelength 193/248-nm excimer laser to fabricate MEMs directly in a single step. As a result, MEMS fabrication can be accomplished in much less time than it would take to prototype such devices via traditional multistep semiconductor lithography processes, according to the company. The flexible system is able to microfabricate both 2-D sheets and tubes and 3-D parts, including in x-y-z, theta, and goniometer motion coordinate systems. At 193-nm, the laser can cleanly ablate fluoropolymers, bioabsorbable polymers, and glass. The system's quick-exchange function lets the user easily switch to the 248-nm laser wavelength for machining polymers, ceramics, and metals. The user-friendly micromachining system also has a DXF file-to-CNC converter that facilitates conversion of concepts into prototypes.
Resonetics LLC

Diode Laser System
Available from Dilas Industrial Laser Systems, the Compact fiber-coupled turnkey diode laser system based on an integrated diode laser module offers an optical output power of 30 W continuous-wave and enhanced beam quality. This direct diode laser system can handle challenging applications in materials processing owing to the very small focal diameters that can be attained; the beam parameter product is ±11 mm mrad, derived from a 100-µm fiber core diameter and a numerical aperture of 0.22. Focal diameters of less than 180 µm with fixed optics and less than 400 µm when a galvo scanner is employed can be obtained. Used in combination with the manufacturer's standardized processing heads, the system can perform microscale plastics welding and selective microsoldering, processes that are becoming increasingly important in medical device manufacturing operations. The standard package comes with a fiber cable and focusing head.
Dilas Industrial Laser Systems

Coil-Joining System
New features are available for the Infinite Web all-in-one coil joiner, a system that incorporates automatic laser cutting and welding into a single head and uses a noncontact process for splicing coils. Joining Technologies Inc. has given the system the ability to splice titanium coils and to splice on a 15° bias as an alternative to forming perpendicular joints. Requiring only an electrical input and minimal operator involvement, the safe, user-friendly coil-joining system is a mobile stand-alone machine that can serve multiple converting lines, automatically preparing coil ends and delivering precision welds in cycles of fewer than 3 minutes. Its industrial PC-based control system features a touch screen interface, predefined programs for selected alloys, and proprietary self-diagnostics to maximize uptime. Designed by welders to handle material thicknesses of 0.002 to 0.040 in., the system employs coaxial optics to verify proper positioning and provide precise, accurate splices.
Joining Technologies Inc.

Laser Cutting System Accessory
The designers' turnkey digital print-to-laser cutting system from Spartanics enables designers of medical devices, printed packaging and labels, faceplates and nameplates, and other laser-cut digital printing products to direct and control all print and laser-cutting finishing specifications at the earliest design stages. Unlike digital laser-cutting lines that require vector-based files to be input during setup, the print-to-laser cutting system allows product developers to use raster-image-processing software at the prepress level to specify not only print files but also laser-cutting files for finishing the product. It features the built-in capacity to extract the vector data embedded in PDF, ONYX, and other formats. In addition, the system allows the use of bar codes to signal job changeovers. This capability enables continuous production and cost-efficiency even with short-run jobs.

Optics for Metal-Cutting Lasers
A line of CO2 laser optics available from Laser Research Optics features lenses and mirrors that are direct OEM replacements for high-power steel-cutting lasers. Designed for incorporation into multikilowatt cutting lasers, the optics are optimized for 10.6 µm and offered in diameters of 1.5 to 2.5 in. The antireflective-coated lenses have focal lengths of 3.5 to 12 in. and exhibit total absorption of less than 0.2%. The silicon mirrors and reflectors provide at least 99.5 to 99.7% average reflectance at 10.6 µm and a 45° angle of incidence. Suitable for use with Amada, Bystronic, Cincinnati, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Prima, Strippit, and Trumpf CO2 lasers, this optics line includes lenses in plano-convex and meniscus configurations; molybdenum mirrors for dirty environments; silicon mirrors; silicon mirrors with enhanced copper, silver, or dual-band maximum reflector polarization-controlling reflectance coatings; and ZnSe output couplers.
Laser Research Optics

Automatic Tubing Coilers
High-performance tubing coilers in the Automatic Cut & Transfer series from Tulsa Power incorporate a dual-spindle-turret winder designed to wind tubing 0.032 to 0.625 in. in diameter in-line as part of an extrusion process. The fully automatic systems are equipped to coil or spool. They also have a cut-and-transfer feature that, upon receipt of a signal from the total-length counter, quickly cuts, clamps, and transfers products from the full reel to the empty reel without process interruption at speeds to 1000 ft/min. An ultrasonic dancer locates the position of the product without making contact and ensures smooth, tension-controlled winding of even very sensitive products. Allowing one operator to manage several extrusion lines, the coilers can reduce labor requirements. Their controls allow for reliable switchovers at high speeds.
Tulsa Power

Hydraulic Work-Holding Components
Used for clamping workpieces in high-production machining environments, a range of hydraulic swing clamps, valves, and pumps is available from Kurt Manufacturing Co. The clamps and accessory options enable manufacturers to configure the optimal work-holding system for a single machining center or for a multipallet manufacturing cell containing multiple machines. Providing 475 to 6000 lb of clamping force with a maximum pressure of 5000 psi, the single-cylinder components swing and clamp in one continuous motion; directional change of their motion is easily effected via a push-pull feature. The manufacturer's compact, easy-mounting hydraulic pump is the power source for the work-holding clamps. It offers a peak total capacity of 127 cu in. and a usable capacity of 75 cu in.
Kurt Manufacturing Co.

High-Efficiency Diode Laser
The compact, modular LIMO1300-F200-SL808/9xx-EX1472 1.3-kW diode laser from Limo Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH, designed for cutting and welding applications, has a wall-plug efficiency of 30%, including cooling, which compares favorably with other laser systems in its power class. This performance is attributable to the efficient fiber coupling made possible by high-end beam shaping. In addition, the passive cooling technology that dispenses with microchannels makes the system practically maintenance free. The easy-to-integrate laser can be used for thermal conduction welding and deep penetration welding of metals; it also serves as an alternative for laser fusion cutting of stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium and for laser frame cutting of structural steel and copper. The diode module is easy to replace, and the system employs standard process heads and beam-delivery systems.
Limo Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH

Production Fluid Dispenser
Offered by Fluid Metering Inc., the IDS2000 industrial fluid dispenser consists of a patented valveless ceramic piston pump directly coupled to a precision stepper motor. Available as a stand-alone system for dispensing fluids in production and process environments, the unit includes an integral quick-run module that serves as an interface for accepting a foot switch or external relay for active dispensing. The system dispenses fluid volumes between 2 ?l and 7 ml and is suited for dispensing solvents, lubricants, cleaning agents, flux, and adhesives. Its stepper motor and stepper driver electronics are packaged in a splashproof stainless-steel enclosure. Supplied as a complete system with power supply and foot switch, the dispenser has a variety of applications in the area of medical component assembly.
Fluid Metering Inc.

Ultrasonic Welding Machines
The modular HiQ line of ultrasonic welding machines from Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc. is not only flexibly adaptable to a variety of applications but also designed for energy efficiency. Available options and variants in both the machine environment and the software enable users to configure the machine needed to perform reproducible high-quality welding in a targeted and individualized manner. These machines feature a user-friendly touch screen display for visualizing the welding process, proportional valve technology, and a position measuring system as standard, and intuitive software menus that electronically control all aspects of the process. The software is also adaptable. To minimize energy consumption further than the ultrasonic welding process itself already does inherently, the welders use a redesigned ultrasonic generator that operates at more than 80% efficiency, while an energy-saving mode switches the machine to standby at appropriate times.
Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc.

Custom Catheter Systems
A contract services company with capabilities in developing and manufacturing catheter systems to satisfy OEM requirements offers custom systems primarily used for cardiac arrhythmia diagnosis and therapy, vascular therapy, and neurology applications. VascoMed GmbH designs and manufactures electrophysiology diagnostic and radio-frequency ablation catheters, lead extraction systems, introducer sets, and temporary pacing leads and microcatheters for neurology applications. The service provider is also equipped to assemble complex catheter systems. Its capabilities include special designs that give catheters optimal torque stability and shapability, mechanisms for controlling the catheter tip, and designs for irrigated tips. Catheters for diagnostics and temporary stimulation can be fabricated with selectable diameters, lengths, electrodes, electrode spacing, control mechanisms, curve shapes, materials, lumens, and connectors.
VascoMed GmbH, an MST company

Mandrel Straightening Machine
Relying on an automated straightening process, the MS700S mandrel straightening machine recycles bent or bowed catheter- and tube-processing mandrels that otherwise might have to be thrown away. Employed by Machine Solutions Inc. to minimize assembly material costs, this mandrel straightener allows damaged mandrels to be reused, extending their lifetime and reducing the consumption of resources. It utilizes a pick-and-place handling system capable of picking a single mandrel from a bin and automatically running it through the straightening process, after which it is placed in the output tube upon process completion. The cleanroom-compatible straightener has been configured to accommodate bare and coated stainless-steel mandrels of various diameters and lengths, and it does not have to undergo tooling changes.
Machine Solutions Inc.

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