October 11, 2009

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Originally Published MPMN October 2009



Manufacturer Provides CNC Lathes and Accessories

uc64_70372.jpgA manufacturer of Swiss-type turning centers offers CNC automatic lathes for machining medical products such as orthopedic bone screws and surgical instruments. In addition, the company provides accessories that are engineered for use with its lathes, including bar-feed machines, multiport high-pressure coolant units, mist- and smoke-control systems, and thread-whirling units. The CAV bar loader can be configured to meet the speed, torque, power, and axis movements of the lathe, allowing it to respond with the movements needed for precision manufacturing. Because the bar loader and the lathe share the same electrical and CNC system, bar-feeder movements can be viewed and controlled from the lathe’s CNC system.
Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Inc.
Allendale, NJ

Medical Device Machining Operations Rely on Laser Technology
uc8d_70370.jpgA family of pulsed infrared, green, and ultraviolet lasers offers high power levels and repeatability. Featuring power stability, low noise, and control capability, Matrix lasers provide pulses that result in process homogeneity, micron resolution, and precision machining. The lasers are used for drilling holes in microsyringes for drug-delivery applications and catheters, cutting microfluidic channels in diagnostic devices, machining stents, and performing stereolithography rapid manufacturing for hearing aid applications. They are also used to manufacture lab-on-a-chip products, texture implant surfaces, and mark medical devices.
Coherent Inc.
Santa Clara, CA

Wire EDM Machine Fabricates Medical Components
ucb1_70373.jpgConfigured for continuous-duty production of medical instruments and device components, a wire EDM machine provides cutting speeds, surface finishes, and advanced features comparable to those provided by more expensive machines, according to the supplier. The iMed is suitable for the production of surgical instruments, needles, stainless-steel tubing and rods, and orthopedic implants. It uses brass wire with standard thicknesses ranging from 0.004 to 0.012 in. in diameter and is available with such standard features as a heavy-duty antielectrolysis power supply, an inverter-controlled deionized water chiller, an ac servo-controlled water level for the work tank, and a 310i-WA CNC system. The system’s cutting technology combines adaptive workpiece thickness control, straightness and corner control, and adaptive pulse-discharge control to ensure precision and maximize cutting speeds under varying conditions. Accuracy is further enhanced using a thermally insulated cast Meehanite base.
Methods Machine Tools Inc.
Sudbury, MA

Laser Machining Tools Cut, Weld, and Drill
ucb8_70371.jpgA line of turnkey laser tools performs cutting, welding, drilling, marking, and scribing operations that are optimized to meet the requirements of medical device manufacturers. Available in both high average power and high peak-power configurations, the machines feature a range of lasers, including a far-infrared CO2 laser, an infrared Ytterbium fiber laser, Nd:YVO4 and Nd:YAG lasers, a near-infrared fiber-array package laser, a green frequency-doubled solid-state laser, and an ultraviolet frequency-tripled vanadate laser. The laser and optics configurations enable users to perform laser marking applications that can withstand repeated autoclave cycles. They also allow small kerf widths for precise laser cutting and microprocessing of features as small as 1 µm. Both manual-load and full part-transport automation workstations are available.
Control Micro Systems Inc.
Winter Park, FL
For more information on machining equipment, go to devicelink.com/mpmn/equipment
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