April 18, 2005

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Machining center
A machining center is suitable for the tool and die and medical device markets. The Model 2626XP is a five-axis programmable abrasive water-jet machining system that produces complex parts out of most materials. It offers positioning accuracy with ±0.001 in. directly from a CAD drawing or .DXF file. The unit comes standard with the company’s technology suite software, a stainless-steel tank and slats, a cutting head that automatically eliminates taper, and a cutting nozzle that offers minimal a kerf of 0.022 in. and an inside radius of 0.011 in. for fine detail work. Omax Corp., Kent WAwww.omax.com

Positioning systemmpmn0504p24b.jpg

A computer-controlled, software-driven 3-D positioning system is suitable for machining 3-D surfaces or presenting any facet of a 3-D object to process tooling. The Cybaman Replicator combines optical digitization and robotic manipulation in one machine. The unit is designed for high-speed machining of plastics, wood, aluminum, and steel. It can be customized for specific applications. Alternative tooling options include machining, grinding, welding, optical inspection, and laser cladding, coating, or drilling to be carried out on any 3-D surface feature. Erothitan Titanium Implants SA, Suhl, Germany www.erothitan.com

Digital convertingmpmn0504p24c.jpg

Digital converting is available as an enabling technology for the pattern converting of intricate components and multilayer laminates to be used in microfluidic and IVD devices. Using LaserSharp, medical device manufacturers can produce components that cannot be made using conventional methods because of feature sizes, feature locations, or tolerances. General feature sizes can be processed to 100 µm, with tolerances of ±50 µm. The high-speed converting method can process roll or sheet-fed materials in a continuous or intermittent format. LasX Industries Inc., White Bear Lake, MN www.lasxindustries.com

Metal and plastic machiningmpmn0504p24d.jpg

A company has expertise in both metal and plastic machining. Services include prototype, short-run, and production quantities. Design assistance is also available, as well as rapid prototyping, thermoform packaging, fabrication, and injection molding. Plastic & Metal Center, Laguna Hills, CA www.plastic-metal.com

UV laser micromachiningmpmn0504p24e.jpg

A company offers precision UV laser micromachining services with micron-scale features and submicron tolerances. Typical applications include microfluidics; sensors; nozzles; microscreens; particle traps; MEMS; MOEMS; microdicing; biosensors; microvias; photo-ablation; photomachining; micromachining of plastics, ceramics, hard dielectrics, glass, and metals; nondestructive high-resolution marking; microlithography to 1 µm resolution; high-speed drilling; and selective material ablation. Examples of materials processed are polymers and plastics, ceramics, glass, metals, semiconductor materials, and diamond and precious metals. JPSA Laser, Hollis, NH www.jpsalaser.com

Vertical machiningmpmn0504p24f.jpg

A vertical machining center reduces residual vibration and gives users the ability to contour more accurately and accelerate among positions 54% faster than with previous versions. The NV4000 DCG contains five ball screws—two on the y-axis, two on the z-axis, and one on the x-axis—that enable a reduction in vibration without sacrificing speed for accuracy. The unit’s design allows machining forces to traverse across the arch-shaped column and through the bed, thereby forming a closed loop. Tool-changing time is 2.8 seconds chip-to-chip and1.0 seconds tool-to-tool. Mori Seiki, Irving, TX www.moriseiki.com

Swivel headmpmn0504p24g.jpg

A vertical machining center incorporates a swivel head spindle for single setup machining of complex parts. The FZ08KS tilt machine has a swiveling range of –20° to 115°, and it takes 0.5 seconds to swivel from 0° to 90°. Applications include orthopedic devices and surgical instruments made of special plastics, titanium, and steel. With the swivel head, users can produce milled surfaces and holes at every angular position, including outer and inner contours, and tapping. The machine features a tool changer that takes 0.8 sec from tool to tool, a chip-to-chip time of 1.9 seconds, rapid feed up to 3000 in./min, acceleration rates up to 2 g, and spindle speeds up to 40,000 rpm. Chriron America, Charlotte, NC www.chironamerica.com

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