November 4, 2003

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Diamond Lathe SmoothesMold Tools

Originally Published MPMNNovember 2003


Diamond Lathe SmoothesMold Tools

The machine speeds up repairs and polishing


The Nanotech 220UPL lathe can machine 
a finished product directly.

An ultraprecision machine system is suitable for situations in which a nanometer surface finish or submicron form accuracies are required. The Nanotech 220UPL two-axis CNC single-point diamond turning lathe from Moore Nanotechnology Systems (Keene, NH) can be used to make many medical devices. Some applications include in vivo miniature pumps--to prevent tissue tear; injection-molded electroless nickel mold inserts for syringes, endoscopic lenses, or pipettes; and implants--to increase wearlife.

"Besides the ability to machine a finished product directly, we have found that inthe past few years mold makers have purchased such machines to diamond turn nickel-coated mold tooling," says Carl Panza, the company's sales and marketing manager. "The advantages are that it is very fast to repair an electroless or electrolytic plated nickel surface with diamond turning, plus they can eliminate the grueling task of grinding and polishing tool steel without sacrificing quality." 

The machine features a PC-based CNC with a Windows 2000 operating system and 1.0-nm CNC programming resolution. A laser holographic linear scale feedback system has34 pm resolution.
A natural granite machine base is mounted on a passive air isolation system. Other attributes include hydrostatic oil-bearing slideways with more than 2 million lb/in. stiffness; linear motor drives for rapid cycle times, good surface quality, and minimal maintenance; a 15,000- rpm air-bearing work spindle; and a swing capacity of 9 in. diameter. 

Options for the lathe include an optical tool set station, spray mist coolant system, vacuum chuck, microheight adjust tool holders, a heavy-duty air-bearing work spindle (up to 6000 rpm), C-axis positioning control of the work spindle, CNC oil hydrostatic rotaryB-axis, aspheric part programming software, and on-machine measurement and workpiece error compensationsystem.

Moore Nanotechnology Systems
426A Winchester St.
P.O. Box 605
Keene, NH 03431-0605
tel: 603/352-3030
fax: 603/352-3363
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