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Wireless data collected directly from patients during normal physical activities could enable the development of better knee implants

April 4, 2008

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Cables and Connectors

Originally Published MPMN April 2008


Cables and Connectors

Medical cable

Offering whip-free characteristics, cabling for medical wire features an open-center working channel with an inside diameter ranging from 0.007 to 0.045 in. and an outside diameter from 0.011 to 0.085 in. The Helical Hollow Strand cable can also be supplied in smaller-diameter versions with continuously extruded coatings. Employing wire drawn by the supplier, the product is manufactured according to customer specifications for tension, compression, and torque and pitch direction. The cabling is offered in single- or dual-layer versions and can be used for its electrical and mechanical properties. Applications include endovascular devices, bioconductors, and urological tools.
Fort Wayne Metals, Fort Wayne, IN

Push-pull connectors

Engineered for quick mating and unmating, a series of push-pull aluminum-shell connectors is designed in compliance with IEC 61984. The nonsealed version of the connector is offered in a 12- or 16-mm housing with 2 to 12 contacts ranging from 1.0 to 2.5 mm in diameter. Sealed connectors feature a 10-, 12-, 16-, or 18-mm housing and have 2 to 14 contacts ranging from 0.8 to 2.5 mm in diameter. Both types of connector are available in box-mount receptacle, jam-nut receptacle, and straight plug styles, and with a nonreflective nickel finish. They have an operating temperature range of –40° to 100°C and provide signal and power interconnects in medical electromechanical instrumentation and process control applications.
Amphenol Industrial Operations, Sidney, NY

Mezzanine connectors

Designed for applications with high-pin-count devices on mezzanine cards or module printed circuit boards (PCBs), a company’s board-to-board connectors eliminate the need for large multilayer boards in systems, thus conserving PCB real estate. The connectors offer signal clarity with ample bandwidth for high-speed designs, simplify PCB routing, and, by employing the company’s solder-charge technology for surface-mount attachment, enable better process yields and lower applied costs compared with comparable ball-grid-array products, according to the manufacturer. Allowing for stack heights ranging from 16 to 38 mm, the HD Mezz connector features data rates as high as 12.5 Gb/sec, guide elements for gatherability in blind mating, a high contact density, and a mating interface with 2-mm wipe and two points of contact for clean signal transmission and durability. The Searay connector accommodates stack heights ranging from 7 to 15 mm, achieves speeds up to 10 Gb/sec, and has a contact designed to prevent damage in mating interfaces.
Molex Inc., Lisle, IL

Miniature connectors

A line of microminiature circular connectors features electrical contact terminations with insulated wires, which provide secure connections even in severe shock and vibration environments. Employing twist-pin microminiature contact technology, the connectors feature a 0.635-mm contact pitch, which enables them to be lighter and consume less space than conventional microminiature connectors, according to the manufacturer. The connectors are supplied with up to 266 contacts and are available in a variety of layout configurations and terminations. In addition, the connectors have a contact rating of 1 A and a life span of 500 mating cycles. A version of the connector is available with an NDM metal shell, 3.81-mm seated height, and 9–37 contacts in a single-row layout for applications in which EMC is a factor.
ITT Interconnect Solutions, Watertown, CT

Connectors for electrosurgical applications

Building on its established Redel brand of connectors for minimally invasive electrosurgical applications, a company has introduced the R series. Features of the product include an ergonomic push-pull latching technology, a dense field in a semirectangular format, and the same keying offered in the company’s existing connectors. The series has a set of interchangeable mixed-signal contacts. Signal contacts have four-point-indent crimp technology with a typical wire gauge of 22 to 26 AWG for the 0.7-mm crimp contact; optional reduced crimp-barrel contact is available for wires down to 32 AWG. Fitting into the same positions as signal crimp contacts, chromel and alumel Type-K thermocouple crimp contacts are offered as well.
Lemo USA Inc., Rohnert Park, CA

Microminiature cable

Enhanced microminiature round cable is available for medical device applications in which size and electrical integrity are critical, such as electrophysiology probes and small-diameter flexible endoscopes. Made from high-strength toughened fluoropolymer (HSTF) and low-dielectric-constant expanded-PTFE materials, the cable maintains the desired level of performance through device flexure, abrasion occurring during routing, and tracking and sterilization. HSTF is an advanced biocompatible dielectric material that offers good electrical properties and such mechanical advantages as strong resistance to scrape abrasion and cut-through and enhanced pinhole-free performance in ultrathin profiles.
Gore, Elkton, MD

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