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Cables and ConnectorsCables and Connectors

September 8, 2009

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Cables and Connectors

Originally Published MPMN Setember 2009


Cables and Connectors

Connectors for medical applications

ua45_66272.jpgA series of connectors can operate in temperatures from –270° to 200°C, making them suitable for medical applications ranging from cryogenic processes to imaging equipment, including CT scanners, MRI systems, and ultrasound machines. While many connectors contain silver-plating material, these connectors are designed with a combination of nickel and gold materials for use over a wide temperature range. The MDM-series micro-D, MDMA-series rectangular microminiature, and MTB1-series single in-line microminiature connectors feature a twist-pin contact system, which provides a secure base for the contact and exhibits better electrical and mechanical characteristics than traditional machined or stamped contacts, according to the company. The D*M and D*MA D-subminiature connectors are offered with coaxial, power, or high-voltage contacts. Employing nonoutgassing and nonmagnetic materials to eliminate distortion in imaging equipment, the connectors are configured for board-to-board, board-to-cable, and cable-to-cable functionality.
C&K Components
Newton, MA

Intelligent connector system
ua64_68640.jpgA connector system with integrated firmware helps prevent misuse of medical devices. SmarTrack controls information embedded into a connector such as product identification, serial number tracking, stored and retrievable calibration data, and the number of times the device has been used. It also offers a method for embedding microprocessor intelligence into a connector. The intelligent connector system can be used on any of the company’s connectors to indicate whether the device is for one-time or multiple deployments. The system’s counter also makes it suitable for use when third parties refurbish or sterilize devices, guaranteeing quality and safety. The connector system comes with a data loading module, a graphical user interface, and an application guide
Fischer Connectors
Alpharetta, GA

M12-style connectors
uaa5_66271.jpgSimilar to M12-style connectors, a line of connectors utilizes modified screw- and bayonet-locking mechanisms. Featuring a positive clicking mechanism that indicates when the connector is securely locked, the XS5 connectors also sport the Smartclick feature. This one-touch bayonet-locking system enables connection with a one-eighth turn. In addition to these features, the connectors mate with existing screw-type M12 connectors and offer ingress protection to the IP67 standard. The components provide better connections than screw-type connectors, according to the manufacturer.
Omron Electronic Components LLC
Schaumburg, IL

Medical cables and connectors
uac4_66274.jpgA contract manufacturer specializes in the custom design, molding, and assembly of medical connector and cable systems. In addition, the company provides a range of standard products. Offering designs for the electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography, nerve integrity monitoring, polysomnography, electromuscular stimulation, and electrocardiography markets, the company provides cable designs that are certified to ISO standards. Cables include single- and multipin TouchProof safety plugs and jacks, snap and tab electrode clips, EEG cups, bar and digital ring electrodes, multipin yokes incorporating safety connectors, miniature two- and three-pin connectors that are typically used for hearing enhancement, and round and D-sub multipin connectors for standard machine connections.
Plastics One Inc.
Roanoke, VA

Push-pull connectors and cable assemblies
uae3_66269.jpgPush-pull connectors offer medical device manufacturers a self-latching coupling mechanism with quick, reliable mating and vibration protection in a compact, high-density package. Offered in standard and water-protected versions, the push-pull JBX- and JKX-series connectors are available in a range of shell styles, materials, contact layouts, and configurations for outside-the-box quick-mate application. In addition to its selection of connectors, the company provides medical cable assemblies, from concept to final product. The supplier is equipped to handle small to high-volume runs, customization requests, overmolding, and cable assembly testing.
Souriau USA Inc.
York, PA

Miniature interface block66273.tif

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Utilizing industry-standard dual-density connectors in a metric-threaded 8-mm sealed unit to achieve remote device connections, a miniature interface block combines flexibility, serviceability, and high-density connectivity. By incorporating passive technology, the Multiple Interface Block (MIB) concentrates signals into one homerun cable, enabling the MIB to be remotely mounted with the devices and carry the signals back to the control system via a cable-out or quick-disconnect cable. Passive technology allows each point to be used as an input or output that can carry up to 2 A per contact with a 6-A total current. The dual-density connectors allow for two signals per remote device.
Balluff Inc.
Florence, KYwww.balluff.com

Modular plug and receptacle connector66270.tif

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Providing the interconnection room necessary to expand as design requirements change, a two-part modular plug and receptacle connector system has contacts that are laid out in four or five rows on a 2-mm pitch rather than in three rows on a 0.1-in. pitch. Part of the Tempus line, the CBC 20 connector system not only affords customers the ability to expand with each application size requirement, but it also allows engineers to manipulate large amounts of data at high speeds in the cable harnessing layout. The cable receptacles include all components needed to assemble finished cable ends. The four-row versions provide 4 × 6 and 4 × 12 contacts, while the five-row versions are available in 5 × 6- and 5 × 12-contact versions. The receptacles accommodate AWG 24 to 30 wire sizes with an insulation displacement contact, which offers quick termination without the need for wire stripping.
ITT Interconnect Solutions
Santa Ana, CAwww.ittcannon.com

For more information on cables and connectors, go to www.devicelink.com/mpmn/electronics.
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