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Adhesives and DispensersAdhesives and Dispensers

January 12, 2010

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Adhesives and Dispensers

Electrically conductive film


Designed for use in medical devices requiring low resistance and reliable z-axis conductivity, a company's electrically conductive film is suitable for such applications as biosensors, defibrillators, monitoring devices, electrodes, and electrical connections. The 4.0-mil nontacky ARcare 95000 polymer film features high tensile strength and low elongation characteristics. It also can be coated with various pressure-sensitive adhesive technologies, coatings, or conductive inks, such as silver-silver chloride, to enhance the film's functionality for specific applications. Additional customization options include the modification of the film's conductivity, thickness, flexibility, elasticity, elongation, and resistance to suit an individual application's requirements.

Adhesives Research
Glen Rock, PA

High-precision dispenser


Increasing productivity, upholding quality, and maintaining consistency of dispensed materials are the aims of a company's dispensing products. The Ultimus V high-precision dispenser can store settings and then automatically adjust them to maintain consistency of fluids with changing viscosities. Designed to compensate for changing fluid levels when using thinner fluids, the company's Optimeter product automatically adjusts air flow to ensure uniform deposit size. Dispensing parameters can be set in standard, metric, or SI units, while prompts on the equipment's menu can be displayed in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, or Spanish.

EFD Inc.
East Providence, RI

Precision dispense valve


A supplier of automation systems maintains that the creation of a precision dispense valve was prompted by its belief that a reliable fluid dispensing valve with repeatable results for high-speed production equipment could not be found. The dispense valves are engineered to form a fluid path with each dispense, ensuring that there is no dead space or stagnant fluid in the valve. In addition, the line features single-up and multi-up configurations; custom integration for high-speed production; leak- and drip-free nozzles; and microliter dispensing capabilities. The medical device industry may benefit from using the product for UV-curable adhesives, silicones, alcohols, and solvents, according to the manufacturer.

Kahle Automation
Summit, NJ

LED-curable adhesive


Rapid bonding operations are facilitated by an ultrafast, tack-free, LED-curable adhesive. The 1020-M Ultra Light-Weld is formulated for a quick cure of less than two seconds when paired with the company's BlueWave LED Prime UVA spot-curing system. Featuring an output of greater than 15 W/cm2, the lamp has no consumable bulbs to change, no warm up, cool cures, and constant intensity for thousands of hours. Medical device applications include reservoirs, tube sets, port fittings, drug-delivery systems, and heat-sensitive products.

Dymax Corp.
Torrington, CT

High-shear hydrocolloid


Developed in response to customer requests for a skin-friendly product with aggressive shear adhesion, a hydrocolloid medical adhesive formulation is optimized for use with electrodes and catheter-fixation devices. When compared in a recent study with the manufacturer's standard wound formulations and those of two top U.S. ostomy companies, the xm18s exhibited shear tack that was 80 times stronger, according to the company. The company's xm18e formulation for ostomy use demonstrated six times more shear tack strength. Characterized by good absorption and integration, the series of hydrocolloid products can also be enhanced with the company's EverLift RemovEZ technology, which reduces the removal force required by 33%, owing to its ability to convert shear to peel forces upon removal.

Xennovate Medical
Richmond, IN

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