How Nufabrx Is Changing the Medical Landscape

What if your medications could be delivered by your clothing?

Steve Everly, Group Event Director

May 10, 2022

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For many people, remembering to take their medications can be a daily battle. A person’s health is such an individualistic venture that it’s difficult to employ a one-size-fits-all solution for healthcare. One potential solution in development is HealthWear, a line of specialized clothing from Nufabrx designed to deliver medication that can be absorbed through skin.

Nufabrx CEO Jordan Schindler will be a keynote speaker at IM Engineering South, a six-in-one advanced design and manufacturing expo which comprises event brands MD&M South, ATX South, D&M South, Plastec South, SouthPack, and Powder & Bulk Solids South, and is designed to provide a comprehensive view of the product lifecycle. Taking place June 14-16 in Charlotte, NC, the trade show is poised to bring all-new innovation to the medtech industry and solidify the Southeastern region of the U.S. as a burgeoning medtech hub. Engineers, R&D specialists, and buyers interested in tuning into the keynote address can register for IM Engineering South here.

With the event around the corner, I enjoyed speaking with Schindler about how he expects the medical landscape to change with his product and what it entails to have an innovative idea go from a dream to reality.

What does your role as CEO of Nufabrx entail?

Schindler: One of the most important roles as CEO of Nufabrx involves setting the vision for new innovation in HealthWear, striving to create new products that truly help simplify health and wellness for consumers. This happens through speaking engagements, strategic planning, talking to consumers, and broad market research. One of the biggest aspects is creating products that consumers love.

The next responsibility as CEO is being intentional about culture and creating a place where people truly love to work. We call it our Core Fibers (instead of our core values); the “F” stands for have fun at work, and we further believe in the importance of innovation and teamwork as a group. You spend 50% of your time at work, it needs to be a place that you enjoy.

The third key focus is on exceeding 2022 company budget: driving revenues, cashflows, capital campaigns, and board member-investor relations. Performance and setting proper expectations are critical. The last step is to manage to the plan.

What challenges are you helping solve, and what can attendees look forward to learning in your presentation?

One of the biggest challenges in modern medicine is patient compliance. We’re all increasingly busy, stressed, and engaged with multiple priorities. Often times, we forget to take pills, use creams or patches as directed. We all wear clothing, it contacts our skin every single day. What if instead of having to remember to take your medications every couple of hours, you could just get dressed in the morning? The Nufabrx presentation will highlight the new HealthWear category, and why clothing is the next frontier in drug delivery to simplify health and wellness for consumers. Welcome to the future.

What are some of the exciting future endeavors and opportunities with Nufabrx?

As a platform technology, this is one of my favorite questions about my role. There are a number of new innovations from Nufabrx in HealthWear, all geared towards helping people feel their best. Keep an eye out for expansion product lines in the pain relief space, from topical analgesic-infused back wrap and neck sleeves to shea butter moisturizing-infused yoga pants and leggings. There is even a melatonin-infused line of sleepwear and bedding. There are so many other conditions that are treated more effectively via a garment application, from acne to psoriasis to post-surgical bruising and swelling. All of these products are on the horizon.

This is the inaugural IM Engineering South exposition. Tell us why this presents unique opportunities for local manufacturers?

The hub of textile and advanced materials manufacturing is historically based in the South. Most U.S.-made garments are created in North Carolina or South Carolina. With increasing supply chain challenges and manufacturing constraints, it’s more important than ever to focus on the opportunity of U.S. manufacturing. This is an incredible chance to get legacy manufacturers from a variety of industries together to focus on new innovations, supply chain partnerships, and how the industry can work together to grow effectively. How often does this happen?

What excites you about connecting with the regional engineering community in person this June?

We’re excited to connect with a group of cutting-edge manufacturers, engineers, and workforce in the space. This event is an incredible networking opportunity to interact with folks who don’t necessarily come into contact frequently, if at all. It’s a great opportunity to learn from colleagues, find new technologies, potential employees, and long-term partners. With the current supply chain as constrained as it is, this event couldn’t be timelier for the future of the engineering and manufacturing community.

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Steve Everly

Group Event Director, Informa Markets - Engineering

Steve Everly is Group Event Director for Informa Markets – Engineering. He leads the teams producing top industry events, including Virtual Engineering Week, EastPack, Powder Show Digital FlowiPBS, and the CannPack.

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