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Top 5 eHealth Trends Shaping Healthcare

Top 5 eHealth Trends Shaping Healthcare
Here are top 5 digital health trends that are reshaping and redefining how healthcare is delivered and experienced today and in the future.  

Here are top 5 digital health trends that are reshaping and redefining how healthcare is delivered and experienced today and in the future.

Arundhati Parmar

Digital health is dramatically reshaping and redefining how healthcare is delivered.

Accenture, a management consulting firm, has created a detailed infographic showing how ehealth trends are influencing the healthcare industry currently and how it is set to alter the future as well. 

The top 5 eHealth Trends remaking the landscape are 

  • The Internet of Me — In other words, personalized care. Today, patients are capable of shopping for healthcare insurance online, something that was unthinkable in the past. Tomorrow, patients will be able to order meds through their smartwatch.
  • Outcome Economy — Connected hardware is providing deeper insight aimed to improve outcomes and better experience for patients. Today wearables can provide customized feedback on people's health. Tomorrow a wearable can help to bypass lengthy check in at a hospital by patients receiving a wearable band ahead of the appointment.
  • The Platform (R)evolution — Healthcare IT platforms collect data from different devices and sources to provide holistic and real-time information on patients. Today, new IT platforms are starting to appear that can deliver a variety of services to the provider faster. 
  • Intelligent Enterprise — A data deluge, combined with great strides in processing capability and analytics is boosting software intelligence. Devices and wearable are able to "think" and respond appropriately. Today medical oncologists can leverage software to determine appropriate therapy for cancer patients. Tomorrow a machine will be able to detect when you are running a fever
  • Workforce Reimagined — Doctors and healthcare workers are leveraging technology to perform more complex tasks in addition to becoming more efficient. Today phone apps can shed light on the level of risk a patient has for heart surgery. Tomorrow surgeons will be able to access real time monitoring data from their wearable devices and make informed decisions during a procedure.

The above is a small summarry of the trends but a detailed read of the infographic is warranted. 


Arundhati Parmar is senior editor at MD+DI. Reach her at [email protected] and on Twitter @aparmarbb 

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