Patent Scorecard Metrics

This year's featured leaders illustrate medtech's ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing business environment.

Steve Halasey

May 1, 2008

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Patent Scorecard Metrics


The Patent Board (Chicago and Philadelphia) tracks corporate innovation across industries and companies using the following proprietary indicators.

Technology Strength. This indicator is the basis of the scorecard rankings and provides an overall assessment of a company's intellectual property quality and quantity.

Current Impact. This measure showcases the broader significance of a company's patent portfolio by examining the impact its patents are having compared with its industry. The score indicates the role each company's patents play in serving as a foundation for other patents and technologies.

Innovation Cycle Time. This measure indicates the relative age of the inventions on which a patent or patent portfolio is building. A higher score indicates that a portfolio is based on older technologies.

Research Intensity. This measure indicates the extent to which a portfolio includes patents with above-average science linkages. A higher score indicates that the company's technology is closer to scientific research than its competitors.

Science Strength. This ranking indicates how much a company uses science in building its patent portfolio.

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