April 12, 2009

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A supplier specializes in the injection molding, diamond turning, and thin-film coating of custom-designed polymer optics. As a manufacturer of optics for imaging, scanning, detection, and illumination applications, the company can provide such products as spherical and aspherical lenses, mirrors, diffractive optics, and microlens arrays. Additional offerings include single-point diamond-turned prototypes, reflective and antireflective coatings, and precision assembly services for quantities ranging from prototypes to high-volume production. The company considers the integration of optical and mechanical features onto a single platform among its specialties.
G-S Plastic Optics
Rochester, NY

Sapphire optics

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Chemically inert and featuring a rating of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, a company’s custom sapphire optics are suited for use in a range of medical instruments and devices that includes blood gas monitors. Products can be fabricated as windows, flat and stepped, concave or convex, and round or square with holes, a variety of edges, and different thicknesses. Transmitting from the UV through 4.7 µm, custom sapphire optics can transmit up to 85% uncoated or more than 99% when coated, depending on the thickness. Surface finishes of less than 0.5 nm, flatness to 1/10 wave, and parallelism to 2 arc-sec are additional product features.
Meller Optics Inc.
Providence, RI

Optics replication process


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An optics replication process transfers the profile of a precision optical surface from a master to yield a duplicate product on a variety of potential substrates. Substrates include glass, silicon carbide, ceramic, and such metals as beryllium, aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel. Among the benefits of this process is the ability to reproduce complex optics with good surface accuracy, quality, and repeatability, according to the manufacturer. The company also claims that the process produces replicated optics that are identical to the master for ruled and holographic diffraction gratings, reflective and transmission holographic optical elements, and dual-wavelength gratings. Featuring wavelengths from the deep UV to the far IR range, diffraction gratings are offered in sizes up to 110 × 110 mm with groove densities from 40 to 3600 g/mm.
OPCO Laboratory Inc.
Fitchburg, MA


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Capable of accommodating prototype to moderate production quantities, a company designs, fabricates, and assembles custom microoptical and mechanical systems. The company also offers lens design services for a range of medical products, including endoscopes and other microimaging devices. To assist in the microfabrication of close-tolerance optical and mechanical systems, the supplier is able to manufacture its own tools and fixtures. Standard optical fabrication equipment includes an LOH SPM 20 SL optical grinding center, an LOH SPS 20 SL optical polishing center, a variety of custom-made spindles, and several custom-made alignment and centering stations.
Optics Technology Inc.
Pittsford, NY

Precision optics


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Specializing in the design, development, and volume production of optical systems for the medical device industry, a company can assist with the custom fabrication of endoscopes and other illumination and imaging systems. Recent technological developments have enabled the supplier to produce optical components and systems, such as flexible endoscopes, with diameters as small as several-hundred microns. As a result, the company maintains that new procedures in such areas as neurosurgery, spinal surgery, and cardiology are now possible. Design and fabrication of optical and mechanical components, as well as precision assembly and testing of medical optical systems, are performed in-house by the integrated systems development and production service provider. The company is FDA registered and certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.
Precision Optics Corp.
Gardner, MA

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