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Innovation CelebrationInnovation Celebration

The 2008 Medical Design Excellence Awards program honors top achievements in medical product development.

July 1, 2008

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Innovation Celebration


This past June, groundbreaking innovations poised to change the face of healthcare received well-deserved recognition at the awards presentation of the 2008 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) competition. Now in its 11th year, the MDEA competition is the premier awards program for the medical technology industry, recognizing contributions and advances in the design of medical products.

An independent, multidisciplinary panel of jurors selected 33 products to receive gold and silver awards in the 2008 MDEA competition. In their assessment of candidates, jurors look for entries that reflect clear achievements in product innovation, design and engineering excellence, end-user and patient benefits, and cost-effectiveness in manufacturing and healthcare delivery. The awards were presented at a ceremony held in conjunction with the Medical Design & Manufacturing East 2008 Conference and Exposition in New York City.

The 10 product categories in the MDEA competition are as follows.

  • Critical-care and emergency-medicine products.

  • Dental instruments, equipment, and supplies.

  • Finished packaging.

  • General hospital devices and therapeutic products.

  • Implant and tissue-replacement products.

  • In vitro diagnostics.

  • Over-the-counter and self-care products.

  • Radiological and electromechanical devices.

  • Rehabilitation and assistive-technology products.

  • Surgical equipment, instruments, and supplies.

For additional information about the MDEA program, including instructions for entering the 2009 competition, visit the awards Web site at www.MDEAwards.com.

By category, gold (mdea1.jpg) and silver (mdea2.jpg) award-winning products and their manufacturers for 2008 are as follows.

Critical-care and emergency medicine products


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Representing the PowerSyringe injector at the 2008 MDEA ceremony (from left): Bruce E. Roberts, cofounder and managing director of Roberts Mitani LLC (New York CIty); Andy Hu, president of Globe Medical Tech Inc. (Houston, TX); and Shawn Fojtik, CEO of Pinyons Medical Technology (Park City, UT). The PowerSyringe won a silver MDEA in the category of general hospital devices and therapeutic products. Shortly before the awards ceremony, Pinyons announced that it had sold its award-winning product to Covidien Ltd. (Hamilton, Bermuda).

mdea1.jpg HemCon bandage, manufactured by HemCon Medical Technologies Inc. (Portland, OR). Entry submitted by Capstrat (Raleigh, NC). Developed to address severe arterial bleeding, the HemCon bandage provides an efficacious, lifesav­ing antibacterial barrier that is also ready-to-use, easy-to-apply, and cost-effective. Supply and design credit to Oregon Medical Laser Center (Portland, OR).

mdea2.jpg NetGuard wireless electrocardiograph system, manufactured and submitted by Datascope Corp. (Montvale, NJ). NetGuard continuously monitors the electrical activity of a patient's heart, using a small wireless electrocardiograph monitor that communicates with a standard PC, and gives an alert and ECG display when a dangerous heart rhythm is detected. Supply and design credit to Corex Design Group Inc. (Glen Rock, NJ), Stratos Product Development LLC (Seattle, WA), Lead-Lok Inc. (Sandpoint, ID), and United Plastics Group Inc. (Sarasota, FL).

Dental instruments, equipment, and supplies

mdea1.jpg E4D Dentist system, manufactured and submitted by D4D Technologies LLC (Richardson, TX). E4D Dentist is a chairside CAD/ CAM system with a 3-D intraoral laser camera. It enables the dentist to capture a digital impression of a prepared tooth and then design and fabricate an inlay, onlay, veneer, or full crown—all in one office visit.

mdea2.jpg The Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) system, manufactured by Milestone Scientific (Livingston, NJ). Entry submitted by Tricor Systems Inc. (Elgin, IL). The STA system is a computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery system that employs dynamic pressure-sensing technology to provide users with continuous audible and visual pressure feedback throughout a subcutaneous injection. Supply and design credit to Tricor Systems Inc. (Elgin, IL), and Habitech Inc. (Glen Head, NY).

Finished packaging

mdea1.jpg Veramyst and Avamys (Fluticasone Furoate) nasal spray delivery device, manufactured and submitted by GlaxoSmithKline R&D (Ware, Hertfordshire, UK). Veramyst is a nasal spray for the treatment of allergic rhinitis. It is administered by means of a novel, ergonomically designed, side-actuated delivery device, focusing on ease of use and overcoming patient dissatisfaction with traditional nasal sprays.

General hospital devices and therapeutic products

mdea1.jpg InTouch critical-care hospital bed, manufactured and submitted by Stryker Medical (Portage, MI). The InTouch critical-care hospital bed combines advanced connectivity technologies, intuitive operation, and BackSmart ergonomics. Caregivers can access patient data and protocol reminders via the bed's touch screen interface.


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Looking over the Panda iRes and Giraffe infant warmers by GE Healthcare (Laurel, MD) in the MDEA display area at the Medical Design & Manfacturing East conference and exposition (from left): Steven M. Falk, engineering director, infant care segment, GE Healthcare; 2008 MDEA supplier Barry H. Beith, PhD, CEO and CTO, HumanCentric (Cary, NC); and Dave Ball, general manager, infant care segment, GE Healthcare. The Panda iRes and Giraffe infant warmers won a gold award in the category of general hospital devices and therapeutic products.

mdea1.jpg Panda iRes and Giraffe infant warmers, manufactured and submitted by GE Healthcare (Laurel, MD). Panda iRes and Giraffe infant warmers are open-bed thermoregulation microenvironments. They are used in both labor and delivery and intensive-care nurseries, providing patients with infrared, radiant heat as well as respiratory support. Supply and design credit to Biomed Devices Inc. (Guilford, CT), and HumanCentric Technologies Inc. (Cary, NC).

mdea2.jpg PowrSyringe injector, manufactured by Pinyons Medical Technology Inc. (Park City, UT) and recently sold to Covidien Ltd. (Hamilton, Bermuda). Entry submitted by Globe Medical Tech Inc. (Houston, TX). The PowrSyringe is a handheld disposable injector that provides power, control, and tactile feedback while injecting and aspirating fluids faster and easier during clinical procedures such as angiography, angioplasty balloon inflation, and discography. Supply and design credit to Globe Medical Tech Inc. (Houston, TX), Integrated BioSciences Inc. (Lewisberry, PA), and The Tech Group, a West Pharmaceutical Services Co. (Scottsdale, AZ).

mdea2.jpg Tono-Pen Avia applanation tonometer, manufactured by Reichert Inc. (Depew, NY). Entry submitted by Metaphase Design Group Inc. (St. Louis, MO). The Tono-Pen Avia applanation tonometer is a handheld instrument for measuring intraocular pressure. It features a lightweight, ergonomic design and advanced electronic measurement technology, enabling operators to take quick and accurate measurements. Supply and design credit to Metaphase Design Group Inc. (St. Louis, MO), and Medtronic Xomed (Jacksonville, FL).

mdea1.jpg TotalCare Bariatric Plus therapy system, manufactured and submitted by Hill-Rom (Batesville, IN). The TotalCare Bariatric Plus therapy system is an integrated bed system that addresses microclimate management, pulmonary management, and immobility in medical-surgical and intensive-care unit settings while serving as bed, chair, and transporter.

Implant and tissue-replacement products


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Sherrie Conroy, coeditor in chief of MDEA sponsor MDDI magazine, presents the MDEA trophy to representatives of Novo Nordisk A/S (Hillerød, Denmark), maker of the NovoFine Autocover automatic safety pen needle (from left): Thibaud Hofst&aumul;tter, project manager; Niels Nymark, production; Karsten Jensen, production; and Lars Skouboe, production coordinator. The NovoFine product received a silver award in the category of over-the-counter and self-care products.

mdea1.jpg Akreos AO microincision lens, model MI60, manufactured and submitted by Bausch & Lomb (Rochester, NY). The Akreos AO microincision lens, model MI60, is an intraocular lens intended to replace the human crystalline lens during cataract surgery. The model MI60 is designed for insertion using advanced sub-2-mm microincision cataract surgery. Supply and design credit to Contamac (Saffron Walden, Essex, UK), Complices (Toulouse, France), and Medicel (Widnau, Switzerland).

mdea2.jpg Peak Fx hip plate, manufactured by DePuy, a Johnson & Johnson Co. (Warsaw, IN). Entry submitted by Primordial Soup LLC (St. Paul, MN). The Peak Fx hip plate rep­resents the next generation of hip-plate devices for the treatment of peritrochanteric hip fractures, combining the benefits of plate and intramedullary nail technologies. Supply and design credit to Alexandria Research Technologies LLC (Plymouth, MN), Omnitool Inc. (Minneapolis, MN), and Kyber Design Inc. (St. Paul, MN).

In vitro diagnostics

mdea2.jpg Tube Rotator, manufactured by Labnet (Edison, NJ). Entry submitted by Pensa (Brooklyn, NY). The Tube Rotator's rotisserie assemblies enable operators to mix test tubes horizontally, vertically, or in any position in between. The mixing angle is changed with a simple turn of the rotisserie plate: no tools are required. Supply and design credit to Pensa (Brooklyn, NY).

Over-the-counter and self-care products

mdea2.jpg GeeWhiz male external condom catheter, manufactured and submitted by Leading Edge Innovations Inc. (Camarillo, CA). The GeeWhiz external male condom catheter is designed for males suffering from urinary incontinence. It incorporates a nonirritating silicone seal that does not adhere to hair, an antikink catheter tip design, and a quick-connect/disconnect nozzle.


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Representing the MDEA-winning Healthy Living ThinLine deluxe flat-screen blood pressure monitor, model BSD-3007 (from left): Susan Chen, business division director at Health & Life Co. Ltd. (Chung Ho City, Taipei, Taiwan); Louis Machin, vice president for sales and marketing at Samsung America Inc. (Ridgefield Park, NJ); and Dpahne Wong, business development manager for Samsung America. The Healthy Living product won a silver award in the category of over-the-counter and self-care products.

mdea2.jpg Healthy Living ThinLine deluxe flat-screen blood pressure monitor, model BSD-3007, manufactured by Health & Life (Chung Ho City, Taipei, Taiwan). Entry submitted by Samsung America Inc. (Ridgefield Park, NJ). The Healthy Living ThinLine deluxe flat-screen blood pressure monitor is intended for home monitoring of blood pressure, and functions as a clock when not in use. Users can set the monitor to issue a warning if certain blood pressure levels are exceeded. Supply and design credit to Samsung America Inc. (Ridgefield Park, NJ).

mdea1.jpg Natural Nurser baby bottle, manufactured by Adiri Inc. (Palo Alto, CA). Entry submitted by Whipsaw Inc. (San Jose, CA). The Natural Nurser baby bottle improves the feeding experience for both the parent and child. It uses materials and shapes that mimic breast feeding. It is soft, safe, simple, easy to clean, and contains no harmful polycarbonate. Supply and design credit to Whipsaw Inc. (San Jose, CA).

mdea2.jpg NovoFine Autocover automatic safety pen needle, manufactured and submitted by Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark (Hillerød, Denmark). The NovoFine Autocover is a safety pen needle used for injecting insulin and growth hormone. It features automatic needle-shield locking to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries and cross-contamination of healthcare providers and patients.

mdea1.jpg Uresta continence care kit, manufactured and submitted by EastMed Inc. (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada). The Uresta continence care kit is a set of three bladder supports designed to stop stress urinary incontinence in women. Its novel design permits self-fitting and self-management.

Radiological and electromechanical devices

mdea1.jpg Acuson P10 handheld diagnostic ultrasound unit, manufactured by Siemens Medical Solutions (Mountain View, CA). Entry submitted by Coyne PR (Parsippany, NJ). Weighing only 1.6 lb, the Acuson P10 is a handheld diagnostic ultrasound imaging tool intended initially for use in primary-care settings, acute-care settings, and emergency departments—particularly for cardiology and ob-gyn applications. Supply and design credit to GMT Design Services (Boulder, CO), Acorn Product Development (Fremont, CA), and Elemental8 Inc. (San Jose, CA).

mdea2.jpg MicroDose mammography system, manufactured and submitted by Sectra Mamea AB (Solna, Sweden). The MicroDose mammography system is a full-field digital mammography system intended for x-ray examination of breasts. The system improves patient safety by generating a low average glandular dose of x-ray radiation.

mdea2.jpg Nuance full-field digital mammography unit, manufactured and submitted by Planmed Oy (Helsinki, Finland). The Nuance full-field digital mammography unit combines high-quality digital imaging technology with good working ergonomics and straightforward work flow, resulting in fast and effortless imaging in high-throughput mammography screening clinics.

mdea1.jpg QuickLink loader, manufactured by C. R. Bard, Bard Urological Division (Covington, GA). Entry submitted by Big Bang (Decatur, GA). The QuickLink loader is used to produce 1.25–1.50-in. strands of radioactive seeds and connectors, and to load them into a needle for implantation during brachytherapy treatment for prostate cancer. Supply and design credit to Big Bang (Decatur, GA), and Function Engineering (Decatur, GA).

mdea1.jpg xCAT computed tomography scanner, manufactured by Xoran Technologies Inc. (Ann Arbor, MI). Entry submitted by Insight Product Development (Chicago, IL). The xCAT is a compact, portable computed tomography scanner for use by doctors, nurses, and technicians in the operating room environment during ear, nose, and throat surgery. The device is a fraction of the size and weight of a traditional scanner. Supply and design credit to Insight Product Development (Chicago, IL).

mdea2.jpg XDS extravasation detector, manufactured by Medrad Inc. (Indianola, PA). Entry submitted by Battelle Medical Device Solutions (Columbus, OH). The XDS extravasation detector is a safety accessory designed to prevent moderate to severe extravasation of contrast agents that may seriously injure patients. This technology integrates with the company's Stellant computed tomography injection system. Supply and design credit to Battelle Medical Device Solutions (Columbus, OH), and Cincinnati Technologies (Mason, OH).

Rehabilitation and assistive-technology products

mdea1.jpg Fuze T50 Manual Tilt-in-Space wheelchair, manufactured and submitted by PDG Product Design Group (Vancouver, BC, Canada). The Fuze T50 Manual Tilt-in-Space wheelchair features 50° of tilt from a unique pivot point, for zero center-of-gravity shift. It is easily setup and adjusted, and offers a small overall footprint that makes for easy maneuverability. Supply and design credit to Revolution Design (Burnaby, BC, Canada).

mdea1.jpg Genesis DM telehealth device, manufactured and submitted by Honeywell HomMed (Brookfield, WI). The Genesis DM is a telehealth vital signs monitor that measures objective and subjective patient data, creating a complete picture of a chronic patient's health from the comfort of his or her home.

mdea2.jpg The Hand Mentor Pro rehabilitation system, manufactured and submitted by Kinetic Muscles Inc. (Tempe, AZ). The Hand Mentor Pro rehabilitation system delivers therapy to promote the restoration of function in the wrist, hand, and fingers of stroke survivors and other neurological injury patients. Supply and design credit to Arizona State University (Chandler, AZ), Donavan Group Inc. (Chandler, AZ), and Florida Custom Mold (Odessa, FL).

mdea1.jpg Plié microprocessor-controlled knee, manufactured and submitted by Freedom Innovations (Irvine, CA). The Plié microprocessor-controlled knee is a single-axis prosthetic knee providing swing and stance control. Integrated sensors provide precise control, assuring stability and safety. Software allows adjustment for each user's style and preference. Supply and design credit to Turner Technology Group (Victorville, CA), and Turbo Jet Products (Rosemead, CA).

mdea2.jpg REMstar Auto M Series continuous positive airway pressure system, manufactured by Respironics Inc. (Murrysville, PA). Entry submitted by Continuum (West Newton, MA). The REMstar Auto M Series is a flow-based smart continuous positive airway pressure system for use in the lab or home. Sleek lines and a minimal user interface define it as more of a piece of home electronics than a medical device. Supply and design credit to Continuum (West Newton, MA).

Surgical equipment, instruments, and supplies

mdea1.jpg Amaris excimer laser, manufactured and submitted by Schwind eye-tech-solutions GmbH & Co. KG (Kleinostheim, Germany). The Amaris excimer laser is a high-performance medical laser used in corneal refractive surgery for permanent correction of various kinds of ametropias and corneal changes of the human eye. Supply and design credit to SMI (Berlin, Teltow, Germany).

mdea1.jpg InteguSeal microbial sealant, manufactured by Kimberly-Clark Health Care (Roswell, GA). Entry submitted by Three Atlanta LLC (Atlanta, GA). InteguSeal is a fast-drying, film-forming cyanoacrylate compound delivered in a single-use applicator. Applied to a surgical site immediately before the surgical incision is made, it immobilizes bacteria to help prevent migration into the incision. Supply and design credit to Medlogic Global Ltd. (Plymouth, UK).

mdea1.jpg Patient Registration Mask, manufactured and submitted by Stryker Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG (Freiburg, Germany). The Patient Registration Mask is used for navigated ear, nose, and throat surgeries. It provides a noninvasive means of achieving automated patient registration and tracking during surgery.

mdea2.jpg RealHand high-dexterity instruments, manufactured and submitted by Novare Surgical Systems Inc. (Cupertino, CA). RealHand high-dexterity instruments are laparoscopic instruments with jaws that articulate dynamically, enabling surgeons to reach around structures, approach tissue from new directions, and perform laparoscopic surgery in ways never before possible. Supply and design credit to Micro Medical Technologies (Somerset, NJ), Smith Metal Products (Lindstrom, MN), Micro Star Innovations (Largo, FL), Phillips Plastics Corp. (Hudson, WI), Matthew Hern Consulting (Malibu, CA), Hiemstra Product Development LLC (San Francisco, CA), Baird Industries (Hohokus, NJ), and Thermoforming Process Products (North East, MD).

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