Boston Scientific's Sandra Nagale Guest Stars on Let's Talk Medtech

Sandra Nagale, PhD, joins News Editor Amanda Pedersen for a timely discussion about digital healthcare. Let's Talk Medtech is a podcast brought to you by MD+DI.

Amanda Pedersen

October 30, 2020

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Digital health has been a hot topic  as COVID-19 has served as a catalyst to digital health technologies. But as Sandra Nagale, PhD, points out in this episode of Let's Talk Medtech, the industry was already on a good trajectory toward preparing for this world-changing pandemic, thanks to the evolution of digital health. Because of that evolution, companies like Boston Scientific were well positioned to deploy new digital solutions in response to COVID-19.

Nagale, director of digial health and data services at Boston Scientific, delivered a keynote last year during the BIOMEDigital virtual conference. 

In the episode below, you'll also hear Nagale talk about how Boston Scientific is using digital innovation to enable rapid problem-solving across the company.



At BIOMEDigital, Nagale — was interviewed by Jennifer Joe, MD, a nephrologist and ER physician — and explored:

  • Transformation of healthcare to digital, including device trends, challenges, and opportunities

  • Evolution of medical devices and wearables, sensors, and data analytics in a proof-of-concept clinical study

  • Leading technologies that enable these devices, such as the development of HeartLogic, a highly sensitive predictive algorithm for heart failure events that essentially uses artificial intelligence to translate data from sensors in embedded cardiac rhythm devices to predict heart failure weeks before it happens, providing physicians with the potential to intervene

  • Patient / user centricity: Recent success and increased adoption (like the Boston Scientific's Ask Angie platform, an augmented reality tool that was in use for several years but quadrupled early in the pandemic when access to hospitals was limited)

  • Importance of health equity

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