As another incredibly challenging year comes to a close, we celebrate the medical device sectors, technologies, and trends that became silver linings in 2021.

MDDI Staff

December 16, 2021

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The medtech industry has made it through yet another challenging year of the pandemic. Still, there are many wins worth celebrating. Some of the technologies and trends we recognize as wins this year were already emerging/growing before COVID-19 became part of our daily vocabulary, but the silver lining of the pandemic is that it has accelerated many of these markets, like digital health.

And while our editorial team worked hard to differentiate this year's wins, you may recognize some of these themes from our list of the Biggest Medtech Wins in 2020 as this year did sort of feel like just a slightly upgraded version of 2020 in a lot of ways.

While you're here, it might also be fun to reflect back on the Medtech Winners of 2019, or even the Medtech Winners of 2018 to see just how far the industry has come, in spite of the pandemic. Or, travel even deeper into our archives and check out the industry's winners from five years ago.

As is tradition, we'll publish our list of the industry's biggest losses in 2021 later this week.

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