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10 Digital Health Startups to Watch (CrossChx)10 Digital Health Startups to Watch (CrossChx)

Name of Company: CrossChxLocation: Columbus, Ohio

June 1, 2016

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10 Digital Health Startups to Watch (CrossChx)

Name of Company: CrossChx

Location: Columbus, OH

What it Does: The company has created Queue, a patient registration software, kiosk and a large display monitor -  to make new patient registration process at a hospital efficient, fast and transparent. 

Each patient uses a touch screen kiosk to create unique patient ID - what the company's founder and CEO calls a "viable identity layer" to solve the problem of identity verification. That's because the kiosk is integrated with SafeChx, a program created to prevent medical identity theft. Having eliminated the paper clip board and forms to register, patient registration can be sped up and patients can also see how long they have to wait.

If the system work, it can improve the patient experience tremendously. Also, creating this unique patient ID helps to organize all healthcare data associated with that patient instead of having it trapped in silos.

CrossChx recently raised $15 million from SVB Capital, Drive Capital, Khosla Ventures, Moonshots Capital, and NCT Ventures. 

Here's how Queue works:

Source: CrossChx 

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