X-Ray Tube and High-Voltage Source Subsystem Simplifies Densitometer Design

July 3, 2001

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X-Ray Tube and High-Voltage Source Subsystem Simplifies Densitometer Design

Originally Published MPMN July/August 2001


X-Ray Tube and High-Voltage Source Subsystem Simplifies Densitometer Design

DynaRad's Monoblock incorporates an x-ray tube and a high-voltage source.

The MetriScan densitometer from Alara Inc. (Hayward, CA) allows doctors to test a patient's bone density in seconds. The simplicity and effectiveness of the device is reflected in its efficient design, which incorporates two technologies--an x-ray tube and high-voltage source--into a single, compact subsystem.

Alara produces medical imaging products based on storage-phosphor technology. The company was founded just 7 years ago, and its first product, the DenOptix radiography system, is a dental digital imaging system that is being used by thousands of dentists around the world. Alara's second imaging device, the MetriScan performs digital radiographic absorptiometry to estimate relative phalangeal bone density. The scan itself takes approximately 1 second and requires less than 15 seconds of patient and operator time.

After an extensive search, Alara chose DynaRad Corp. (Deer Park, NY), a specialist in the field of imaging technology, to provide the power supply and x-ray tube for the MetriScan. DynaRad's Monoblock integrates an x-ray tube and high-voltage source into a single critical subsystem. This design feature eliminates the need for costly cable connectors, which can cause frequent breakdowns. The cable-free design enabled Alara to create a highly reliable and relatively inexpensive bone densitometry machine.

The MetriScan densitometer takes less than 15 seconds to measure a patient's bone density.

"For Alara MetriScan, we needed a reliable, compact, and cost-effective [single-unit] solution," says Chris Mitchell, Alara's vice president of research and development. "Much of MetriScan's high precision and accuracy can be attributed to the reproducible output of DynaRad's Monoblock."

Ray Manez, general manager of DynaRad, adds, "The Monoblock's simple design allows it to deliver consistent performance with minimum maintenance, year after year. It allows the Alara MetriScan to provide quality imaging and a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and office-friendly instrument package."

DynaRad has been servicing the medical, analytical, and industrial x-ray communities since 1970. In addition to Monoblock, DynaRad offers a line of portable and mobile medical imaging systems, portable dental x-ray units, and advanced neonatal imaging systems.

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